Djuric and Srpska Lista: Trajkovic is only one of the participants in the destruction of the state reputation

Đurić i Selaković Srpska lista KoSSev
Rikalo, Radoičić, Đurić, Selaković, Rakić u Kosovskoj Mitrovici/Foto: KoSSev

It is necessary to determine whether Rada Trajkovic is telling the truth or what kind of evidence she has to be making „dangerous and shameful allegations“ of „state terrorism“ in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric reacted to Trajkovic’s guest appearance on TV N1 today, during which she spoke about the allegations coming from Djuric, the President of Serbia and the tabloids that her testimony to the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office allegedly led to the extension of the custody of two suspected Serbs. Srpska Lista also reacted and repeated the same accusations.

Djuric emphasized, however, that if she is not telling the truth, it is necessary to determine whether there are elements of legal responsibility in this „kind of panic spreading and target drawing.“

Djuric: „There must be a responsibility for a publicly spoken word“

„There must be a responsibility for a publicly spoken word in all civilized societies. Freedom of speech does not imply the right to blame and slander anyone without any evidence, without any consequences,“ stated Djuric, who was the first Serbian official to accuse Trajkovic that her statement led to the extension of custody for the two arrested Serbs from North Mitrovica.

„Personally, I do not think that this attack on the state and democratically elected representatives is merely an act of political irresponsibility or pathological hatred of Rada Trajkovic towards her own country, although it is probably that,“ he underlined.

Djuric accused Trajkovic of “organized destruction of the state reputation,” adding that she is “not the only one” doing that. He also called for the “identification of motives, participants, instigators and the inspirer of the campaign against the state” for the sake of Serbia’s stability.

Everything, however, suggests that Rada Trajkovic is only one of the participants in the organized campaign of the destruction of state reputation and its institutions, and I believe that, in order to preserve social stability, it is necessary to determine who, and with what motive, is participating in this campaign and who is its instigator and inspirer

„Therefore, I expect the competent state authorities to investigate the allegations of Rada Trajkovic and the nature of her relations with the provisional institutions of self-government in Pristina and with certain foreign diplomats with whom she is in regular contact with, as she herself has confirmed,“ Djuric emphasized.

Srpska Lista: „Is it possible that our brothers are imprisoned because of the testimony of Rada Trajkovic?“

Srpska Lista wrote in a statement that Trajkovic did not actually deny that she worked with Pristina investigators in creating a „staged process against our compatriots,“ nor that she, in her testimony, „accused the Serbs and the state of Serbia for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic in the most direct manner and obviously without any evidence“ during her guest appearance on TV N1 today.

„It is shameful that part of the Serbian political public and media is criticizing state representatives who disclosed the role of Rada Trajkovic in attempts to blame Serbia for the death of Oliver Ivanovic,“ they wrote.

The largest Kosovo Serb party requested that „we all unite in condemning such irresponsible anti-state and anti-national behavior.“

Like Djuric, Srpska Lista also expressed hope that the competent Serbian authorities will establish the truthfulness of Trajkovic’s claims.

We hope that in the process of establishing facts the competent Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Serbia will investigate whether there is truth in the statements of Rada Trajkovic and whether she acts in this manner because of craziness and lack of political culture, or is she part of a criminal plan for our country to be blamed for Ivanovic’s death

The leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic stated on the New Day (Novi Dan) talkshow on N1 that obstruction of the investigation of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder comes „directly from the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.“ Trajkovic assessed Ivanovic’s murder as „state terrorism,“ while reminding the public that two candidates for the position of mayor of North Mitrovica – who were not from the ranks of Srpska Lista – were assassinated; furthermore, none of the Kosovo Serbian representatives except those from Srpska Lista registered for the upcoming mayoral elections in the North. More on her statement read here.




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