The tabloid Alo and Marko Djuric accuse Trajkovic of testifying against the state of Serbia in the case of the murder of Ivanovic, Trajkovic denies and announces a lawsuit

The tabloid Alo accused the Kosovo Serb politician, Rada Trajkovic, today of testifying in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic thus “becoming an accomplice in the plot to steer the Ivanovic murder investigation in the wrong direction and accuse the state of Serbia and its political elite and security structures of this act”. Soon thereafter, the director of the Office for Kosovo shared a link to this article on social media, stating that he feels “disgust and contempt” towards Trajković if the allegations that she “slandered her own country to the Pristina investigating authorities” are true. Trajkovic denied these allegations and announced a lawsuit against Djuric. She said that Djuric and the institution he represents are „a centre for targeting people from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija,“ claiming that Djuric’s accusation is an introduction to „a much more serious act directed against me.“

The Alo tabloid allegedly discovered, citing unnamed sources, that Trajkovic claimed in her testimony to the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office that Ivanovic was surveilled by the services of the Republic of Serbia. She allegedly said also „without any evidence, that the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic and his people who arrived from Serbia are responsible for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic“.

Trajkovic claimed that Ivanovic knew „he would be murdered, which is why he informed the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic and the Security Information Agency about it, but that he did not receive any support“ – Alo reported further.

The Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office used this alleged testimony of Trajkovic as an argument to request an extension of custody of Spasojevic and Rosic – two suspects in the case of Ivanovic’s murder, the paper also read.

The head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric reacted to the article of the tabloid Alo, which was published under the title: ALO! DISCOVERED! This woman became an accomplice to Shiptars and formed a conspiracy related to the murder of Oliver Ivanovic!

Djuric tweeted that the „bad character“ and „pestilent political mission“ of Trajkovic are „a proven fact“. He also added that he, should the allegations that Trajkovic „slandered her own country to the Pristina investigating authorities“ prove to be true, expresses “open disgust and contempt” towards such a person.

While in the first tweet Djuric stated that the allegations may not be true, in the second tweet the head of the institution that prioritizes the welfare of the Kosovo Serb community claims that Trajkovic „did not do such a thing for big money and honours, since she used to cackle from the heart with Bernard Kouchner at the mention of the yellow house“.

The reaction by the head of the Kosovo Office caused a number of negative comments stating that such a move equates to „drawing a target“ on Trajkovic, while some drew a parallel between the campaign led against Ivanovic and the latest statements of Marko Djuric. Djuric’s tweets about Rada Trajkovic, however, are getting „likes“ but also an avalanche of negative comments.

Trajkovic: A preparation for a much more serious act directed against me

In the meantime, Trajkovic denied Alo’s allegations that she is involved in the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and requested the protection of the Serbian prosecution because of Djuric’s statement, describing it as „a government official targeting a citizen.“

A visibly shaken Rada Trajkovic told KoSSev that this act by the head of the Kosovo Office is „preparation for a much more serious act directed against me.“

„The most terrifying thing is that this is a preparation for a much more serious act directed against me. The principle is the same as it was for Oliver, first they make the people detest a person, and then they do what they usually do to those who bother them in the implementation of their crazy politics.“

She also announced a lawsuit against the tabloid Alo and Marko Djuric.

„I will certainly file a lawsuit against Djuric, because he and his Office are obviously the centre for targeting people from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija,“ Trajkovic told KoSSev.

She described the tabloid Alo, as well as other tabloids, as „the bulletins of government officials aimed at supporting politics, „but that they are, as such, just a result of the wrong politics”.

When asked whether she expects a reaction of institutions and NGOs, Trajkovic replied that she only has faith in „God’s help.“

„I only have faith in God’s help, and as for everyone else… it’s up to them. I do not have faith in Serbian institutions. These are the state institutions, but those who represent the state show no accountability for their state and people,“ Trajkovic said.

There has been no official confirmation from the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office that Trajkovic was a witness in the case of Ivanovic’s murder. The competent prosecutor in this case, Syle Hoxha, did not respond today to KoSSev’s calls and messages. Trajkovic asked the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office to urgently react and deny these allegations.

Malisic: Packages that are created by spin experts and secret services with political centres of power

“A target is being drawn on Rada Trajkovic, which is a terrible method and it is in the same manner as the video against Oliver Ivanovic, released before his murder,” the editor-in-chief of NIN weekly magazine, Vesna Malisic told KoSSev. Like Trajkovic, she pointed out the connection between tabloid titles and „political centers of power.“

„The content tabloids are publishing means that they are working together with the political centers of power. The tabloids are an extended hand of politics. We were recently witnesses of this with another case when Informer published a scandalous title and text on the fire in Notre Dame, which was immediately removed after Vucic’s statement,” she emphasized.

“As far as Rada Trajkovic is concerned, human life means absolutely nothing to them. It’s a direct drawing of a target on that woman“, Malisic emphasized.

The fact that Marko Djuric is commenting on the tabloid text accusing Rada Trajkovic must mean that Marko Djuric agrees with it, so he would have to explain this by filing a lawsuit against her with the prosecution. But he is actually spreading this news and protecting himself by saying if what is written is true, while personally doing damage to her. It is a terrible method and it is in the same manner as the video against Oliver Ivanovic. These are the packages that are created by spin experts and secret services with political centres of power,“ Malisic told KoSSev.

In the meantime, KoSSev asked the Kosovo Office, in writing, to answer the following questions:

As a person appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to deal with the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, that is, in accordance with the interests of Serbia and the mission of the institution he represents – to contribute to the stability and security of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, how much are these messages, in your opinion, consistent with these interests?

Does the state believe that it is protecting the well-being and the right of an individual, in this case, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia from Kosovo and Metohija, with this act?

How do you assess, while taking into account the ethical and legal side, this act of the head of your institution related to accusations against the citizen Rada Trajkovic?

Headlines aimed against Rada Trajkovic have been frequent since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic in state-controlled tabloids and media. In addition to Marko Djuric and Srpska Lista, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic often speaks about Trajkovic in a negative context.

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