Kosovo Serb political landscape: Serbian National Forum

Ahead of the seventh extraordinary parliamentary elections in Kosovo scheduled for October 6, the Kosovo Serb political scene is divided over whether to participate in these elections, or not, while those willing to take a chance are confronted by the in so far major Kosovo Serb force – Srpska Lista. Such a political landscape seems rather confusing to the public. While one coalition of Serb parties – the „Koalicija Slobode“ (Freedom Coalition) has already registered for the elections, the deadline for submitting individual lists is still open, until September 6.

In the coming days, KoSSev will introduce a who is who in this Kosovo Serb political landscape. Here we present the Serbian National Forum. This informal association, although not fundamentally opposed to the Kosovo elections, called citizens to boycott the ballot, referring to the elections as “a farce in which a chosen few will profit.”

„As it did before, the SNF urges our people – if they cannot change anything, the least they could do is not participate in the farce in which only a ‘chosen’ (not selected) few will profit. Any kind of massive turnout in this election would also signify consent that any politically damaging move continues to be justified by some sort of overwhelming support from our side which – we have all witnessed – does not exist,“ the SNF revealed its position on the upcoming Kosovo parliamentary elections in a written press release.

Momčilo Trajković
Momčilo Trajković

They predicted that the latest election campaign would „once again bring forced rallies, votes, blackmail, threats to jobs and livelihoods.“

SNF also shared their stance on the newly formed coalition „Sloboda“ (Freedom). They estimate that it is a pro formae opposition to Srpska Lista, which will put the Serbs under additional pressure.

Although SNF is against the participation in elections in the current conditions, this organization does not oppose the participation in the Kosovo elections itself.

„The SNF does not oppose political engagement and the formation of a single united list; on the contrary, but it can only be called Serbian if it is made up of authentic Serb representatives – not if it is made up of interest groups imposed by centers of power. The SNF has tried numerous times and in every possible way to convince the authorities in the Republic of Serbia of this, but it was obviously in vain,” they explained.

SNF’s most prominent member and Caglavica resident, Momcilo Trajkovic told KoSSev that citizens should not participate in the elections on October 6.

„Our position on the elections is that we should not take part in them. In previous years, we warned that there are few Serbs in Kosovo but our votes would be used by the current government to ‘wave around’ with these votes and justify its policy towards Kosovo. And the policy, as it has been presented so far, is disastrous, especially for us south of the Ibar,“ Trajkovic argued.

„We do not advocate an active boycott. Our citizens are mature enough to decide for themselves,“ he also told KoSSev.

About SNF

The Serbian National Forum (Srpski Nacionalni Forum) was formed in Gracanica in 2014 as an informal association. The registration process within both the Serbian and the Kosovan systems is currently underway.

SNF claims they are rallying the intellectual elite of Kosovo Serbs. They want to bring together the Serbian intellectual elite from Kosovo, as well as all those who, in their words, “have the capacity to solve the problems the Serbian people face in Kosovo.”

The most known members of this informal group include a professor at the International Business College in Mitrovica and the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Pristina (Serbian supported), who is the chair of SNF, Aleksandar Djikic, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Pristina (Serbian supported), Aleksandar Corac. Their most prominent member is a Kosovo Serb political senior – a former deputy prime minister of Serbia and leader of the Serbian Resistance Movement in Kosovo, Momcilo Trajkovic.

As for their activities, those are various roundtables and debates. Shortly after the assassination of SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic, the SNF also organized one of the few roundtables attended by representatives of Srpska Lista and the Kosovo Office where they had the opportunity to exchange views with their political rivals.

This roundtable was organized after a meeting between SNF representatives and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. During the months preceding the roundtable, Momcilo Trajkovic sent two open letters to Aleksandar Vucic – the first one immediately after the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic and the arrival of the Serbian president in Kosovo and the second one at the end of July containing 9 points – promises Vucic had made and failed to fulfill.

Finally, the Serbian National Forum opposes the idea of ethnic delimitation and is committed to resolving Kosovo’s issues within UNSCR 1244.

A struggle to preserve Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo

Momcilo Trajkovic has been less politically active lately. Instead, he devotes his time to music and he recently held two concerts in Belgrade and Gracanica. According to him, he has little space for political activity and his dabble in music has a cultural, national and humanitarian character.

„I have little space for political and national action. However, dabbling in music is in fact a struggle to preserve Kosovo’s songs, our cultural heritage, to strengthen our national being. But also for philanthropy. All the proceeds from the concert in Gracanica and Belgrade went to endangered families and soup kitchens,“ Trajkovic told KoSSev.

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