Kosovo Serb opposition representatives and Alliance for Serbia to establish an Alliance for Kosovo and Metohija

“The Alliance for Serbia supports the idea of creating an Alliance for Kosovo and Metohija – a sister organization, so that the voices of the Kosovo Serbs can be heard much more often and for them to be able to have a decisive influence on Serbia’s policy towards Kosovo,” the Alliance for Serbia and a delegation of opposition political representatives of Kosovo Serbs announced during a joint conference today. “We have come to the Alliance for Serbia to ask them to accept our decision that Serbs from the north – mayoral candidates – do not participate in the election because two candidates were killed (Oliver Ivanovic and Dimitrije Janicijevic),” Kosovo Serb politician Rada Trajkovic said.

„I think that things need to change. The leaders of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija should have a decisive influence on the policy of the state of Serbia towards Kosovo and Metohija,“ one of the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia, Bosko Obradovic said, adding:

„So that we listen to them more, rather than for them to listen to us.“

The Alliance for Kosovo and Metohija will include representatives of associations, parties, citizens, as well as prominent individuals from Kosovo, regardless of their political affiliation.

The Alliance for Serbia also announced that an inaugural assembly is planned, without specifying when and where, and that meetings will be held both in Belgrade and Kosovo.

Obradovic: Reconciliation, not delimitation

On behalf of the Alliance for Serbia, Obradovic recalled its „alternative policy“ on Kosovo – which is included in the 30-point Platform of this Alliance and which is contrary to the policy advocated by the current government.

„First of all, respect for the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, from the preamble to presidential oath, absolute respect for the UN SC Resolution 1244 and finally our unwillingness to support, in any way, the path of the so-called independent Kosovo towards the United Nations,“ Obradovic said, emphasizing that the Alliance is against any referendum on the topic in undemocratic conditions.

„Reconciliation, not delimitation,“ Obradovic pointed out.

Radosavljevic: We have to act in order to prevent this downfall

The owner of RTV ‘Mir’ from Leposavic, Nenad Radosavljevic said that the Serbs from Kosovo are currently in a hopeless situation.

„We have to act again and we will have to do our best to prevent this downfall,“ he said.
Radosavljevic criticized the announced elections in the north because of what he sees as “illegal actions” of Srpska Lista.

„There should be no elections, especially in our region. As long as the votes are brought in bags with which Srpska Lista is elected to remain in power, as long as a video of an opponent is broadcast on electronic media during campaigns – the electricity is shut down in an entire municipality, it makes no sense to participate,“ said Radosavljevic.

He emphasized that the basic issue for Serbian officials who say that nothing was accomplished within the Brussels Agreement and who point to its uselessness should be the calling of elections within the system of the Republic of Serbia.

„That would be done by a man who cares about his integrity,“ said Radosavljevic.

Representatives of the People’s Justice, the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, the National Movement ‘Otadzbina’, Aleksandar Stojanovic from the People’s Party from Kosovo, as well as the organizer of the “1 out of 5 million” protests in Gracanica, Branislav Markovic attended the meeting.

On whose behalf are you speaking? – On behalf of the largest group of Serbs who are not allowed to speak

TV Most journalist asked Rada Trajkovic about her „sudden support“ of Oliver Ivanovic, considering she allegedly insulted him back in 2003. Trajkovic replied that TV Most and TV Pink have „no right“ to ask questions about Oliver Ivanovic, adding:

„I do not want to talk about the past, I’m talking about the reality, and in that reality, I want to say that you should definitively be prosecuted for broadcasting a video about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. And that is why we came to the Alliance for Serbia today to ask them to accept our decision that the Serbs from the north – mayoral candidates – do not participate in the elections because two candidates were killed. You know what kind of campaign you’ve led for both of them. Unfortunately, you have no right to pose this question to anyone. We did not kill ourselves. Whether we got along or not, that’s our business but Oliver and I did not shoot at each other and we did not encourage crime.“

When asked on whose behalf she is speaking and why is she “breaking Serb unity,” Trajkovic replied:
„I am speaking on behalf of the largest group of Serbs who are not allowed to speak, because they do not have a place to speak and they do not have media which will publish what we are saying.”

She recalled a recent TV Most story about Bishop Teodosije in which a photo was published of an alleged secret meeting between the Bishop and the Kosovo Interior Minister. Trajkovic claimed that „Thaci and SHIK“ gave those photographs „to Vucic and TV Most.“

„We have Zeljko Mitrovic, you (TV Most) are a second Zeljko Mitrovic,“ Trajkovic said, to which the reporter of TV Most claimed that Trajkovic insulted her TV.

Srpska Lista announced today that it has decided to participate in the extraordinary elections which will be organized in the four Serb-majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo on May 19th.

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