Srpska Lista to participate in the elections in the north of Kosovo

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Foto:T anjug, Dragan Kujundžić

Serbs from the north of Kosovo will take part in the extraordinary local elections in the four northern municipalities – Srpska Lista chief and the former Mayor of North Mitrovica, Goran Rakic announced today after the meeting of these Kosovo Serbs and the state’ leadership in Belgrade.. Shortly before Rakic, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic told the media that Srpska Lista representatives would decide themselves whether they will participate in the elections. Vucic also revealed that he would personally „prefer“ if they participated in the announced elections.

„We made a decision to participate in the election so that some Albanian does not take over the running of a Serb-majority municipality,“ Goran Rakic said, following several hours long consultations between Srpska Lista members and the President of Serbia and the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric.

Rakic shared his belief in a „convincing victory“ of a Srpska Lista candidate in the elections, adding that “it will be decided later on” whether that candidate will „take over the function“.

President Vucic earlier announced the possibility that the new mayor will resign immediately after he or she is appointed.

„What is important is that we will not allow Pristina or some other people from the international community to succeed in their efforts in appointing either Albanians or Serbian marionettes who will do as they are told,“ Rakic explained one of the reasons for Srpska Lista’s participation in the elections.

Vucic would like if they participated in the elections, but will let Serbs decide

Following a meeting with representatives of Srpska Lista, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic announced that the final decision would be announced later by representatives of this party. When asked whether he supports Srpska Lista’s participation in the elections, he replied that he would personally „prefer“ if they participated in the announced elections.

„I would personally prefer if they participated, but I did not say that to them,“ Vucic said, adding that there are several reasons behind this position.

He claimed that such a decision would “not be final,” since Srpska Lista may resign even after the new mayor is elected, until the reasons behind their initial resignations in November of last year are resolved.

„And there are many options behind that, even after they win and show how much stronger they are than the Albanian favourites and protégés – they can resign the day after. So they let them call elections again and again, so that it is clear that Serbia has much more support among their people than the favourites of the Albanians and #1outof5million and everyone else, out of whom between 7 and 47 can gather, along with all members of certain embassies and all others,“ the President explained one of the possible reactions of Srpska Lista to this new situation.

„Terror“ against Serbia, „a campaign is led against Srpska Lista“, Todosijevic dismissed by „criminal Albanian lobby“

Vucic criticized the actions of Kosovo Albanians, Western international support, and those Serbs who, according to him, are looking out for their interests.

„Terror is taking place against the Republic of Serbia after the introduction of the 100% taxes on goods entering Kosovo and Metohija from central Serbia,“ he said.

He said that Serbia’s current difficult situation is connected to the „irresponsible behavior“ of leaders in Pristina and the actions of certain Western powers, which Vucic „does not always find understandable.“

„For more than 6 years, or exactly 6 years now, the Albanians have not fulfilled their sole obligation from the Brussels Agreement – to establish the Association of Serb Municipalities,“ he underlined, recalling that instead of doing so, the Kosovo authorities formed the Kosovo Army and adopted a platform that was directly targeted against the dialogue.

„They want to eliminate the Serbs’ right to an opinion, to a different attitude, they want Haradinaj and Thaci’s truth to exist – according to which, they are wonderful folk who fought for Kosovo’s freedom against some criminals and villains, as if, for example, Todosijevic killed 19 witnesses and not some others who have testified about some of his crimes,“ the Serbian President said.

According to Vucic, „the entire world“ knows that Racak was „a fabrication of William Walker“ in exchange for money and „nobody is hiding that.“

He described William Walker as „a poor goon“, claiming that a former minister in the Kosovo government, Ivan Todosijevic was dismissed by the „criminal Albanian lobby“ which does not like what Todosijevic is doing.

Vucic claimed that all this is aimed so Serbs „remain without their own head“ and to provide support to Serbs who „will serve their interests“ and who „will not even mention the state of Serbia“.

Albanians have the support of the Americans and other Western powers for this – the Serbian president further claimed, adding:

„That’s why they are bothered by Srpska Lista. Because Srpska Lista wants to work and talk and negotiate with its state of Serbia. A campaign is being led against Srpska Lista since the beginning, that is why all media under direct Western control of those countries that have recognized the independence of Kosovo are leading a campaign against Srpska Lista and that is why this campaign is so vehement.“

„That’s why they did not ask Serbs about the elections,“ Vucic emphasized.

The Serbian President confirmed the Kosovo media reports that he will meet with Thaci and Haradinaj in Berlin on April 29th. He said that the Albanians “show off” when „someone from the West calls them“ and they „immediately share it with the media“, while he „knew about it for two months“, but he “kept quiet.”

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