Jacimovic’s house in Vitina stoned again, again minors are suspects

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The house of the Jacimovic family in Vitina was stoned again yesterday. The news about the new incident against the family was first announced by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, while later this evening the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the region of Gnjilane/Gjilan, Ismet Hashani, confirmed for KoSSev, stating that two minors were identified again.

The house of the Jaćimović family was the target of an attack for the first time three weeks ago, at Easter.

The Jacimovics then decided to install video surveillance around the house for personal safety.

According to the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, the cameras recorded yesterday’s incident at 5:30 PM. The footage was handed over to the Kosovo Police.

Hashani confirmed it, saying that the cameras filmed several students with school rucksacks, were seen throwing stones in the direction of Jacimovic’s house.

Today, the Jaćimovićs were questioned by the police, and investigators with the school police were engaged in identifying the suspects.

Hashani adds that the identified minors will be questioned before the prosecutor tomorrow in the presence of their parents.

ismet hašani portparol Gnjilane
FOTO: Kosovska policija

Last week, in the yard of the church in Vitina a stone was found. The Kosovo police also identified two juvenilles.

Drawing attention to the frequency of incidents against Kosovo Serb property and the population itself, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, on the other side, says:

„It would be commendable for the political elite in Pristina to develop sustainable programs for the return of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, instead of sending a message that Serbs are not desirable with a policy of not punishing extremists.“ The consequences of such a policy is reflected in the daily life of ordinary people.“

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