Two minors identified for throwing stones at a church in Vitina

ismet hašani portparol Gnjilane
FOTO: Kosovska policija

Two minors were identified for throwing stones at the church in Vitina two days ago, and they were taken to the police station in Vitina, the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the region of Gjilan, Ismet Hashani, confirmed for KoSSev today.

He states that the young men were identified through security cameras, and that the interview at the police station was conducted in the presence of families and defense attorneys.

According to the order of the prosecutor for minors, the case „Destruction or damage of property“ was initiated and the parties were released in a regular procedure.

Earlier this week, Hashani said that the pastor of the church of St. Petka in Vitina reported on 9th May to the Kosovo police that he had found a stone in the yard.

The Kosovo police then went to the scene and determined that nothing was damaged or that anyone was injured, but that they immediately paid increased attention to this religious facility.

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