Elections in the north: Voting not possible with Serbian IDs

Izbori Sever Sveti Sava
Foto: KoSSev

Voting in today’s extraordinary elections for mayors is only allowed with Kosovo’s ID cards, the President of the Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka announced at a media press conference, Indeksonline reported. The KoSSev portal received the same information in the field.

At yesterday’s conference held by the coalition of NGOs monitoring elections – Democracy in Action, it was announced that voting with Serbian IDs would be allowed. This coalition, however, refused to comment on these allegations today.

A representative of a local NGO, ACDC, which is part of the Democracy in Action coalition, Srdjan Milojevic told KoSSev that, despite yesterday’s announcements, he cannot answer the question of whether it is possible to vote with Serbian IDs, as it is a „political issue.“

The head of the polling station and the principal of St. Sava Elementary School, Milorad Jovanovic told the head of the OSCE Mission to Kosovo, Jan Braathu that it is not possible to vote with Serbian documents. Jovanovic stated that there were problems with voters who do not have Kosovo documentation because “it is only possible to vote with Kosovo ID cards.”

He added that there are some voters who have Kosovo documents, but who were not registered to vote.

These elections are the third Kosovo elections held in the municipalities in the north, but the first elections where it is not possible to vote with Serbian identification documents.

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