Djuric on Quinta Group statement: Creating artificial balance between Kosovo and Serbia

Marko Đurić
Foto: Printscreen, Tanjug

“The Quinta Group’s statement calling on Serbia and Kosovo to urgently resume dialogue – for Kosovo to abolish the taxes and for Serbia to cease lobbying against Kosovo’s independence – is an attempt to create an artificial balance between the two parties, one whose actions violate the law and the other which abides by it,” the Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said at an extraordinary press conference today. Djuric also underlined that the Quinta countries made it clear what dialogue outcome they wish for, adding that Serbia will nonetheless continue to pursue its internal policies on Kosovo and other issues, “bearing in mind its personal interests.”

Djuric also claimed that the Quinta joint statement contained „several contentious matters“ for Serbia.

Although he agreed that the dialogue should continue when taxes are abolished, he also shared his belief that this statement showed „a clear tendency to create some kind of artificial balance.“

“Pristina is openly and brazenly violating its international obligations,“ he stressed, adding that the Quinta joint statement is “an attempt to equate this with the behavior Serbia was forced to assume – including preventing Kosovo’s membership in international institutions and fighting against further recognition by different countries around the world.”

Djuric further claimed that while Pristina has „violated the CEFTA agreement and is unlawfully trying to become a member of international organizations,“ Serbia is being lectured for „acting under international law“.

„It is the same thing when you violate the CEFTA agreement, when you tread and trample over international law, and it is the same thing when, in accordance with the UN Charter, you prevent someone from gaining full independence and recognition in the broadest possible framework away from the dialogue process,“ he argued.

This statement also „shows what outcome of the talks they want in the future and what they will work for“ – he added.

If Serbia is being asked to stop lobbying for the preservation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, while Pristina is not being asked to cease demanding for membership in international organizations and lobbying for recognition then, according to Djuric, the desired dialogue outcome for the Quinta countries is clear – „full emancipation and full acceptance without any resistance from Serbia, one such outcome and result.“

“The status quo prevents progress on Kosovo’s and Serbia’s path towards the European Union (EU) and is simply not sustainable,” the Quinta Group wrote in a joint statement today. They called on Kosovo and Serbia to urgently restart the EU-led dialogue. Furthermore, they asked both sides to show a willingness to compromise. „For Kosovo, that means suspending the tariffs imposed on Serbia. For Serbia, that means suspending the de-recognition campaign against Kosovo,“ the Quinta Group underlined.

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