Djuric: Decision to employ all doctors and 200 nurses from Kosovo Serb communities entered into force

Direktor kancelarije za KiM, Marko Đurić
FOTO: Kancelarija za KiM

The implementation of the Serbian government’s decision to hire all unemployed doctors and 200 nurses from Kosovo Serb communities has begun, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric confirmed at a press conference in Belgrade tonight.

Recruitment will start in the upcoming days. There will be no unemployed registered physicians in Kosovo Serb communities. This represents enormous support for our three big health centers in Kosovo, Djuric explained.

He said that a hospital has already been established within the North Mitrovica student center and that the first coronavirus patients are expected to be admitted either today or tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, the North Mitrovica mayor, Goran Rakic confirmed that coronavirus patients would be placed in student dormitories and additional measures would be taken for special cases.

The Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvecan emergency teams, as proposed by epidemiologists, health institutions, the Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Health, and taking into account the new confirmed cases of COVID-19, placed these municipalities „under quarantine“. The decision came into force at 6 pm and these municipalities will be quarantined “until further notice.”

The head of the Kosovo Office then called on the citizens „to abide – in the coming days and hours – by all measures adopted by the emergency team in the interest of preserving the lives and health of our dearest family members, the people we care about the most.“

„We reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health that patients who have severe symptoms be transported to the Clinical Centers in Nis, Belgrade and other parts of Serbia and that stable patients receive treatment at the Clinical Center in North Mitrovica and the Student Center,“ Djuric added.

A team of doctors, virologists, and epidemiologists paid a visit to North Mitrovica yesterday, where they helped North Mitrovica Hospital Center employees in organizing activities, Djuric said, adding that more than a hundred citizens of Serbian and other nationalities were tested over the past week.

He confirmed the allegations that 17 people in Kosovo Serb communities tested positive so far and that five cases of coronavirus were registered today. Djuric also recalled that one coronavirus patient from northern Kosovo passed away three days ago at the Nis Hospital Center.

While revealing precisely how many basic food supplies and medical supplies (such as masks, gloves, visors, etc.) has been sent to Kosovo, both to Serbian and Albanian communities, Djuric also claimed that the lack of supply of basic food supplies is no longer an issue.

Djuric confirmed that Serb and Albanian representatives in Kosovo are cooperating and communicating when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, adding that he regrets the „game of thrones“ which took place in Pristina and due to which „weeks were lost.”

He claimed that the Serbian government has established communication with KFOR, as well as with Pristina, which has helped test citizens in „certain communities.“

“Just as we helped in getting the trucks with essential food and medical supplies to Albanian communities in Kosovo,” Djuric concluded.

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