Dacic: A peaceful line to divide Kosovo into a Serb and Albanian part

Ivica Dačić
Foto: RTS, caption

“The delimitation idea​​ was presented to Putin in the presence of Nikolic and Vucic five years ago,” the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dacic stated on the Pravi Ugao talk-show on RTV Vojvodina. According to Dacic, the delimitation idea, among other things, means a border on the Ibar, while this idea is currently supported by the United States, France, Italy, Russia, and China.

Speaking about the recent meeting in Berlin, Minister Dacic said that it „failed“.

„It was not met with enthusiasm because it was scheduled without the European Union being informed about it, and the US and other EU countries were not invited“, he said.

The purpose of the meeting in Berlin was to create an external viewpoint that it can contribute to security and stability in the region, admits Dacic. He, however, added that the fact that former negotiators were sitting at the same table does not necessarily mean stability as „there were several verbal attacks on Serbia the very next day.“

He claimed that the meeting in Berlin is not the “same as the dialogue”.

The next attempt to create conditions for the continuation of the dialogue will take place in Paris, he revealed, adding that „plenty of time will pass by then and the European elections will happen.“

Until that meeting, the pressures on Serbia to continue the dialogue without abolishing the taxes will persist „because they know that Kosovo will not abolish the taxes“ – Dacic estimated.

Where did his belief of the delimitation proposal come from after the President of the Republic admitted that his delimitation idea was not not passed on and he admitted that Kosovo will be independent throughout its entire territory, along with the pressure of the international community and stubborn attitude of Pristina?

Dacic replied that he „does not think that the basic message was directed against citizens,“ but that it was „one reaction to the way that this idea was received

He emphasized that even when he talked about delimitation he „talked about an idea, just as Vucic talked about an idea, but when this idea was supposed to be discussed, it did not happen.“

According to Dacic, there are three proposals for the solution of the Kosovo issue, „the first (proposal) is according to the Constitution of Serbia“ – for Kosovo to be an autonomy within Serbia, the second is „Pristina’s position – for Kosovo to be independent“ and the third solution is „if we cannot find one, then let’s divide it.“

„I think everyone should approach this topic rationally, while separating what are the tactical issues, what are the strategic issues, and see in which direction certain compromises can be sought,“ the Foreign Minister said, adding that his choice would be to „find a peaceful line that would guarantee lasting peace between Serbs and Albanians.“

He shared his belief that „the current real situation in the field will continue.“ When asked if the Ibar will be a future interstate border, Dacic replied: „That’s right.“

Talking about his delimitation idea, Dacic claimed that it is „completely clear and precise“ and that it „means a simple partition of Kosovo into a Serbian and Albanian part.“ However, when asked where this partition line will be located, Dacic replied – „We must sit down and talk about it.“

„This would have to be a package where the part where only Serbs live would be clearly defined, the parts where Serbs are living in the enclaves, then the churches and the property, not only the property belonging to the church but also private. However, we are far from it, because this idea has never been considered, except in the public,“ Dacic said.

This idea is opposed by Germany, the Foreign Minister confirmed, claiming that it is supported by other countries, such as the US, France, Italy, Russia and China.

Dacic claimed that this idea was presented to President Putin „about four or five years ago“ in the presence of Nikolic and Vucic. „This topic is not new, nothing is being done without our friends and allies knowing about it because anything other than that would be impossible,“ he told RTV Vojvodina.

He sent a message to Serbia „to separate what our strategic goal is and what we can afford to lose in a tactical plan.“

„Vucic talked about this, that if we do not want this, we could get some even worse suggestions the next time. Some of the great Western powers will not be inclined to talk about this topic at all the next time, such as, for example, the US administration,“ he explained.

He added that, for the time being, „because the dialogue is dead, the idea of delimitation is dead as well.“

Whether an idea that would satisfy all interests could be a return to the Brussels dialogue, the implementation of the ASM (Association of Serb Municipalities) and for the status, which is not part of that agreement, to be removed from the agenda?

Dacic admitted that the story of Kosovo’s final status was put on the agenda „to fast-track the story.“

„The status will not be resolved with the Brussels dialogue, the status will be resolved with the final decision of the Security Council. The status was placed on the agenda to fast-track this story,“ he said.

Pristina is burying the idea of ​​compromise

According to Dacic, the adoption of a draft resolution calling for Serbia to „recognize the genocide in Kosovo“ is Pristina’s attempt to „bury the idea of ​​compromise as much as possible“ and to continue the policy established with taxes and the Dialogue Platform.

He emphasized that he would „not deny crimes committed by Serbs,“ adding that the Hague tribunal did not issue a single verdict on genocide in Kosovo.

„What international tribunal reached any kind of decision that a genocide took place somewhere? Nobody is asking this question here, Serbia is just being asked to recognize the genocide, and to even pay war damages and to be punished. It is like the Serbs were not put on trial before. Only the Serbs were accused of crimes committed in Kosovo and Metohija at the Hague tribunal,“ the Serbian Foreign Minister said on the Pravi Ugao show on RTV Vojvodina.

When asked to comment on this type of tactical move by Pristina ahead of the expected continuation of the dialogue with Macron and Merkel in Paris, Dacic explained that this is an „agenda they want to follow until the end.“

“They want to play a game. For them to be in charge of everything and to behave in a way that suits them. It’s like when you open a door, put your foot and you cannot close the door anymore,“ he stressed, adding Pristina’s success with such an agenda remains to be seen.

„They have that success on a national level. The problem is that the situation is not the same anymore and that a mischievous child cannot be tolerated any longer and the thing they created has to have certain limits. If you have a situation when everyone in Paris is demanding from Haradinaj to abolish taxes, even when Merkel and Macron offer that he temporarily abolishes the taxes in exchange of visa liberalization, he asks who will guarantee it – they look at each other and understand that the thing they created has become very disobedient,“ claimed Dacic.

He also admitted that countermeasures to the taxes imposed by Pristina on goods imported from Serbia have not been discussed yet.



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