CNN on Serbia’s „impressive“ success in immunization: Setting the pace in Europe

Serbia is a model of how to effectively and efficiently vaccinate a wide population – reads the message of a CNN reportage.

“Serbia is becoming a regional vaccination hub. People from neighbouring countries are flocking to Serbia to get COVID-19 vaccines” – so begins CNN’s report on the „impressive“ success of this Balkan country in the immunization of the general population.

Serbia is “setting the pace” in Europe, fully vaccinating people with two doses, quicker than any other country on the continent.

Unlike the rest of Europe, the country is even offering free shots to foreigners, the reportage added.

“Serbia has so many vaccines that they are even offering a free shot to foreigners like Tomash Cooper from the Czech Republic, who came here on a work trip and decided to get inoculated as well,” CNN reportage states.

CNN further reveals that Serbia’s secret lies in the fact they ordered the vaccines early, they ordered a lot and from different manufacturers – the Russian, Chinese, and Western companies.

The CNN reporter recalls that around 8,000 doses per day are administered in Serbia’s largest vaccine center in Belgrade alone.

According to CNN, another key to the fast rollout is the easy-to-use registration site that cuts down on unnecessary bureaucracy.

In an interview for CNN, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said that, for Serbia, vaccines were not a matter of geopolitics, but it was the matter of saving people’s lives – “and we prepared ourselves for the immunization in the very best way.”

“You can get American vaccines, European, Russian, or Chinese vaccines, you can take whichever you want,” Vucic said.

If we can help someone from Sarajevo, Podgorica, or Skopje, that’s the same as helping the people from Serbia – he added.

“That is our region, we live close to each other, if we can be helpful to them – that’s good, if they can be helpful to us – many thanks to them. It shows that all of us are future-oriented, that we don’t go or don’t want to go into the past,” Vucic underlined.

At the journalist’s comment that by providing vaccines to foreign citizens Serbia is putting a dent in the number of vaccines, Vucic replied that Serbia will have enough vaccines, adding that about half a million doses of Pfizer, one million doses of Sinofarm, several hundred thousand doses from Moscow, as well as 60,000 doses from the COVAX program are expected in April.

At the end of the interview, Vucic told the CNN journalist to “take the jab” in Serbia if he had not done so yet.

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