Citizens have until Friday to obtain license plate stickers, but they cannot do so in N. Mitrovica 

Foto: KoSSev

Owners of cars with Serbian license plates operating their vehicles on the territory of Kosovo must procure stickers at border crossings or registration centers by Friday, RFE reports. Although the stickers are issued in Zvecan, the question remains as to where the citizens of North Mitrovica can procure them, bearing in mind the fact that the municipality, where the Vehicle Registration Center is located, has been closed since last week.

The implementation of the agreement on license plates, which was concluded in Brussels by the Pristina and Belgrade delegations, began on Monday. According to the agreement, vehicles with Serbian license plates must cover the “state symbols” on the plates when entering the territory of Kosovo, while the vehicles with RKS plates must do the same when entering Serbia proper.

Although some vehicles with Serbian plates, i.e. with the mark of cities in central Serbia and Kosovo, were seen with the stickers in North Mitrovica yesterday, the state symbols on many vehicles operating in the north of Kosovo have yet to be covered.

KoSSev made several attempts yesterday to find out whether the sticker regime will be implemented for vehicles that are currently operating in the territory of Kosovo, which have not or will not travel through some of the crossings any time soon.

The Kosovo Ministry of the Interior confirmed for RSE yesterday, however, that owners of cars with Serbian license plates that are already in the territory of Kosovo have until Friday to procure stickers at border crossings or registration centers and use them to cover the state symbols on the plates.

Jeta Tela, chief of cabinet and senior political adviser to Kosovo’s interior minister, Xhelal Svecla, said that after October 8th, as per the law, anyone who does not cover state symbols on Serbian license plates would be punished.

The vehicle registration center in North Mitrovica is located in the North Mitrovica municipal building. The municipality, however, has been closed for more than a week, after it was announced last Monday that four municipal employees tested positive for COVID-19.

KoSSev attempted to discover today where the citizens of North Mitrovica can procure these stickers, however, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of North Mitrovica, Adrijana Hodzic, and the mayor of North Mitrovica, Milan Radojevic, did not respond to our calls.

In an attempt to discover whether the municipality is open, a KoSSev portal journalist paid a visit to the municipal building, however, he discovered that the front gate was locked.

As KoSSev unofficially learned, the municipality is still closed, and it is expected that the situation will return to normal on Monday next week.

For months now, the top municipal officials have not responded or answered the inquiries of the journalists of the KoSSev portal, even though they are obliged to provide information of public importance to the media.

Also, KoSSev has not been receiving any announcements about the work of the municipality of North Mitrovica and all municipal bodies for years, which are forwarded to all other media outlets, although we have repeatedly insisted that the discrimination against our media outlet must cease and for KoSSev to be finally placed on the reapective mailing list.


The Kosovo Police told KoSSev that they have no information on where these stickers are issued in the municipality of North Mitrovica.

On the other hand, the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Branislav Radovic, confirmed for KoSSev that these stickers are issued at the Registration Center in Zvecan.

Radovic said that stickers can be procured at the Registration Center in Zvecan, revealing that there was a long line of people in front of this center this morning.

A Kosovo police spokesman, however, had no knowledge of whether the citizens of North Mitrovica could obtain the stickers in Zvecan.

According to KoSSev’s findings, stickers are also being issued at the Registration Center in Leposavic.

We also got in touch with the police station in this municipality, however, they said that they are not authorized to give us information, because the stickers are issued by the municipal Registration Center.

As RTV Kim reported earlier today, stickers are also being issued in the municipal center for vehicle registration in Laplje Selo.

RTV Kim wrote that as of this morning, there are long lines in front of the center. In order to obtain the free-of-charge stickers, the citizens must bring ​​a scanned ID card, trial plates, and a certificate.

As of today, citizens can also obtain stickers in the municipal center for Vehicle Registration in Pec/Peja, Radio Gorazdevac reports, noting that the stickers come in a pack of four, along with instructions for use.


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