Bregovic confirms his performance at the Korca beer festival

Goran Bregovic confirmed that he will be performing at the upcoming beer festival in Korca, which will be held in Albania from August 18th to August 22th.

The news was confirmed on Bregovic’s official website, as well as the website of the festival. Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Band will be performing on August 22th, starting from 9 p.m. 

The announcement of Bregovic’s performance was met with harsh criticism, especially from Kosovo, where a strong smear media campaign was launched. As a result, almost all festival participants from Kosovo canceled their performances – while some of them joined the boycott of this world-famous musician, others faced pressure to do so.

The Serb singer was accused of “inspiring the massacre in Kosovo,“ as well as of being „the idol of the murderous Serb army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia“.

The municipality of Korca and the organizers have repeatedly highlighted that it is the municipality’s decision and a matter of art, not politics.

An online petition was even launched against Bregovic’s arrival. A protest was also organized in Korca, however, it was only attended by four people, including the organizer.

The Korca authorities and the festival organizer stress that the event has nothing to do with politics. The organizers of the famous beer festival announced that they expect 100,000 festival-goers.

Albania is increasingly becoming a favorite summer destination for Serbian tourists.

Goran Bregovic recently won the Grand Prix „Saban Bajramovic” at the famous Nishville festival for the fusion of jazz with other music styles.

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