G. Express once again on Goran Bregovic: „He was the inspiration and idol of the murderous Serb army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia“

After some Albanian media reported that Goran Bregovic will be performing at the upcoming beer festival in Korca, several Kosovo media outlets published a text about Bregovic on Tuesday, describing the Serb singer as an „inspirer of the massacre in Kosovo“. A day later, Pristina-based Gazeta Express wrote several texts about Bregovic, claiming that he was “the inspiration and idol of the murderous Serb army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.”

While underlining that the organizer of the famous Korca beer festival particularly highlighted Bregovic’s performance and noting that Bregovic received the keys to the city from the then mayor of Tirana, and the current Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama, some Kosovo media outlets also wrote: „Let us recall that Bregovic became the inspiration behind Serb myths, the inspirer of the massacres in Kosovo, especially his song ‘Kalashnikov.’”

On Wednesday, Pristina-based portal Gazeta Express published several more articles on the topic. The portal writes that Bregovic was “the inspiration and idol of the murderous Serb army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.” This media outlet also published an excerpt from Bregovic’s interview with a Serbian television station in which he spoke about his meeting with Radovan Karadzic.

In the interview, Bregovic admitted that he met with Radovan Karadzic, who was convicted for crimes against humanity in Bosnia, in a hotel in Belgrade, and that he asked him „How is our thing going?“ – to which Karadzic replied: „We’ll win for sure!“

Gazeta Express furthermore claimed that Bregovic, who was recently asked to clarify what this conversation referred to, alleged that they actually spoke about a gambling game – not the war in Bosnia, and the journalist who conducted the interview quickly changed the topic.

In the second text, Gazeta Express reports that a famous Kosovo singer Blerim Muharemi ‘Blero’ told T7 that Bregovic’s upcoming performance is “complete nonsense.”

„We are not in the phase where we invite them to sing to us. That is absolutely stupid,“ he said, adding that Albanians in Kosovo are „struggling with a lot of things“ because “only 20 years have passed since the war, not 200.”

„Those who invited him should listen to his music privately, but publicly – it is not the right time. We are struggling with a lot of things in our Kosovo, because only 20 years have passed since the war, not 200,“ Blero added.

The same portal contacted the municipality of Korca, which confirmed that Bregovic was invited and that he would be performing as this festival has nothing to do with politics.

The famous Korca Beer Festival will be held from August 14th to August 18th. The organizers expect 100,000 festival-goers, and they announced over 100 music performances. The official website of this festival states that details of the program are expected soon and contains no information on Bregovic’s performance.

The official website of Goran Bregovic also contains no confirmation of his alleged upcoming performance at the Korca Beer Festival. Bregovic’s site opens with the song „Kalashnikov“.

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