Albanians launch a petition against Goran Bregovic

An online petition against Goran Bregovic’s performance at the upcoming beer festival in Korca was launched today. The petition arrives after a multi-day-long smear campaign against the Serb singer in the Kosovo media.

The petition was initiated yesterday by a certain Albana R. Ulaj, reportedly from New York – according to the geographical location listed below her name. The petition has been signed 1,300 times so far.

It contains the same accusations that the Pristina based media have extensively reported in the last few days. Namely, Goran Bregovic is accused of being „the inspirer of the massacre in Kosovo“, and „the idol of the murderous Serb army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.“ The petition, however, also alleges that Bregovic „awakened Serb nationalism“ through the lyrics „kello“, „juris“ and „boom, boom, boom“ in his song ‘Kalashnikov.’

The petition objects furthermore to the fact that „Serb songs can be heard“ in Albanian summer resorts.

The Kosovo media has been running a smear campaign against Goran Bregovic since Tuesday, shortly after some Pristina portals picked up the news initially published in the Albanian media that Bregovic will be performing at the famous beer festival.

The municipality of Korca and the organizers have so far pointed out that it is a decision of the municipality, that it is a matter of art, not politics. However, reports on the growing objections of Albanian artists, primarily those from Kosovo, and the alleged cancellations of their performances due to Bregovic’s arrival, are now running rampant.

As Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported on Friday, which has been extensively reporting on the opposition to Bregovic’s arrival in Korca, the Albanian municipality told them that „the matter is closed and that Bregovic will perform at the Beer Festival“.

„We are not withdrawing Bregovic’s invitation to come and perform at the Beer Festival because we refuse to take a political stance in this debate. There is no political approach to the participation of the singer born in Sarajevo, and as far as we know, before we contacted him to confirm his participation, and we are right on this, he did not take a position against Albanians or Kosovars,“ the municipality of Korca told Gazeta Express.

Tonight, however, the news arrived that a protest against the arrival of Bregovic will be held in this municipality tomorrow.

„We invite all intellectuals, citizens from all ethnic territories to come and stop the Serbian singer, the anti-Albanian Goran Bregovic. The protest is PEACEFUL and QUIET. Location: Orthodox Cathedral in Korca, on Sunday, August 8, 2021, at 11 am”.

The official website of the festival states that details of the program are expected soon and contains no information on Bregovic’s performance.

The official website of Goran Bregovic also contains no confirmation of his alleged upcoming performance at the Korca Beer Festival. Bregovic’s site opens with the song „Kalashnikov“.

The famous Korca Beer Festival will be held from August 14th to August 18th. The organizers expect 100,000 festival-goers, and they have announced over 100 music performances.

Albania is increasingly becoming a favorite summer destination for Serbian tourists who highlight the kindness of the hosts as one of the greatest qualities of this country. On the other hand, the social media of Kosovo Albanians is swarming with criticism and videos from Albanian summer resorts where Serb music is heard on the streets, on boats, and in restaurants.

Below we publish a translation of the online petition against Bregovic’s arrival and the photograph originally published along with the text.

„In addition to Serb songs that can be heard on the shores of Albania in several bars and restaurants, now the Municipality of Korca has invited people to a concert by Goran Bregovic, who awakened nationalism among Serbs with his song ‘Kalashnikov’ in the 90s, the words „Pucaj“ (Kello); „Juris“ (attack); and „Boom Boom Boom“ (a symbol of the sound of bombs and weapons) are the sounds that led Serbian soldiers and paramilitary formations to carry out massacres in Kosovo and the wider Balkans in the 1990s.

We, the signatories of this petition, ask for:

– on behalf of the victims of the war in Kosovo; on behalf of the massacres of the Albanian population in Kosovo; on behalf of the missing; on behalf of Albanian mothers who are still seeking justice for the missing; on behalf of abused Albanian sisters; on behalf of orphans; on behalf of those who opposed the invaders and gave their lives to defend the identity, the language of our nation from the enemies and the conspirators…

We ask the Government of Albania (Prime Minister Edi Rama) and the municipality of Korca (Mayor Sotirak Filo) to immediately cancel the invitation to participate in the concert sent to a man whose song inspired Serb soldiers and paramilitary formations to commit the most terrible massacres in Kosovo, and not only that.

The explanation that „this is not a political issue“ is not supported even by the moral, logical, or human aspect. An artist (regardless of artistic values) can be boycotted if he has no human values ​​ and talks about inciting hatred.

Thank you!“

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