Bisevac: SL leadership went to Belgrade, the mayor and the police wanted to enter the municipality against the citizens’ will, special forces arrived


„Absolutely undemocratic moves. These are unilateral moves. It has been shown that democracy is not only not being implemented here, but tensions are being raised, and I don’t see what this is leading to, why?“ – reads the first reaction of Milija Bisevac, a political activist from Zubin Potok, to today’s events in northern municipalities.

„I appeal to the international community to prevent unilateral actions, because they saw themselves that such actions were indeed carried out. They see what the will of the majority of citizens is and that they do not want institutions to be taken over like this and the will of the minority over the majority enforced by force,“ Bisevac emphasized for KoSSev.

Around 11 am today, the new ethnic Albanian mayor of this municipality, Izmir Zeqiri, attempted to enter the municipal building with the assistance of the police – as the police confirmed after the incident. An air raid siren sounded, and groups of citizens gathered, including locals who were already at their workplaces in institutions.

This morning, citizens from this municipality, as well as Bisevac himself, testified for KoSSev that Zeqiri came to the police building and remained there for about an hour.

Although the Kosovo media reported in the meantime citing Zeqiri’s confirmation that he could not gain access to the building due to the citizens’ blockade and that he left this municipality, Klan Kosova wrote that he was actually in the police station in Zubin Potok.

Srpska Lista officials are not in Zubin Potok, says Bisevac, but in Belgrade, where they will attend the rally organized by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

„The entirety of the Srpska Lista leadership is at the rally. Citizens, those who found ourselves on the streets or at workplaces, gathered here today,“ Bisevac said.

In the meantime, shortly before 3:00 p.m., Kosovo special forces entered this municipality in a convoy of special police vehicles.

Bisevac said that no one contacted him regarding the situation, neither international actors nor representatives of Kosovo institutions.

The situation in this municipality is calm. During Zeqiri’s attempt to enter the municipality, the citizens cried „Serbia, Serbia!“ 

Hours after the action began, the Kosovo police confirmed that they were „assisting the mayors“ in the northern municipalities of Zvecan, Leposavic, and Zubin Potok to „exercise their right to work“ in the „official buildings“ of these municipalities.

They referred to „legal and constitutional powers“ to take police action to „ensure security, maintain order and public safety“, as well as to „undertake police action to prevent all criminal activities occurring in the country“.

Today, similar incidents broke out in all four municipalities in the north. Groups of citizens gathered to guard municipal buildings in North Mitrovica, Zvecan, and Leposavic as well.

Around 1:00 p.m., citizens and the police clashed in Zvecan, when tear gas was thrown at the citizens, who were standing calmly with their hands raised. Shots were fired and at least one vehicle was torched. A greater number of police units have been deployed in this town.

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