Bahtiri: The unification of Mitrovica does not require the approval of Srpska Lista

The Mayor of South Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri continues to promote his idea of the unification of North and South Mitrovica. Bahtiri is convinced that the approval of Srpska Lista is not required in order for his idea to be realized and is optimistic that the unification will happen this year, Kosovo media reported.

Bahtiri initiated the idea of unifying the southern and northern parts of Kosovska Mitrovica on November 27th of last year, following the resignation of the mayor of North Mitrovica, Goran Rakic, who resigned immediately after the decision to introduce a 100% tax on imports of products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the arrest of Serbs in North Mitrovica, which the Kosovo Special Prosecution suspects of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The Mayor of South Mitrovica then came out with the idea of amending the Law on Administrative Boundaries of Municipalities in order to „unify“ Mitrovica.

Having received support from the municipal assembly in the south, Bahtiri wrote to the Kosovo Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government (MALS), but they did not give a green light to this initiative, stating that it had no legal basis and that such an initiative must be signed by both municipalities.

Bahtiri, however, said yesterday that he is convinced that the realization of this idea does not require the approval of Srpska Lista.

The Mayor of South Mitrovica recently addressed the Assembly of Kosovo by sending a petition on the unification which, as he claimed, was signed by 16,594 citizens, including Serbs. He told the MPs „to continue with the petition“, and that he „cannot wait to see those in the Assembly who would vote against it“, Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported.

This recently received the open support of Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, who described the unification as an „unstoppable process“.

The President of Serbia commented on the allegations of Hashim Thaci – remarking that he does not understand „what Thaci or (Ramush) Haradinaj are doing“, and emphasized that there will be no unification.

Bahtiri said that he did not directly address the Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, but added that he received the support of his brother, deputy Daut Haradinaj and all his fellow mayors from the AAK, the Kosovo media reported yesterday.

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