Bahtiri announces the launch of a petition for the „unification“ of Mitrovica tomorrow

The Mayor of South Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri called on „all citizens of Mitrovica“ to take part in a joint roundtable during which a petition for the „unification“ of the city will be launched. The roundtable will be held tomorrow at 7 pm in the cultural center („DragicaZarkovic“), which South Mitrovica citizens are now calling „Rexhep Mitrovica“.

The round-table will be organized a month after the session of the MA of South Mitrovica (held on November 30th, 2018), where a decision was adopted for the Kosovo government to initiate a procedure to amend the Law on Administrative Boundaries of Municipalities in order to „unify“ Mitrovica.

The decision was proposed by Bahtiri following the resignation of the Mayor of North Mitrovica, Goran Rakic, who resigned because of the introduction of „anti-civilized“ taxes and Milan Radoicic’s “murder attempt“.

The Assembly of South Mitrovica municipality unanimously adopted Bahtiri’s initiative to amend Law no. 03 / L-041 on administrative boundaries of municipalities with the aim to unify Mitrovica on November 30th.

According to South Mitrovica municipality, however, the Ministry of Administration and Local Government in Pristina did not allow this decision to be forwarded to the central institutions, deeming it as unlawful.



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