Another vehicle torched in N.Mitrovica last night


A Chevrolet Captiva vehicle with KG plates, owned by an ethnic Serb (N.M.), was set on fire last night in Anke Spaic Street in North Mitrovica, the owner confirmed for KoSSev. The Kosovo Police also confirmed that another car had been torched in the north.

N.M. revealed he realized that his car, parked near his house, was torched this morning – approximately 5.45h.

„I parked it where I usually do. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got up to go to work this morning,“ he said.

At that point, the car fire had already been extinguished, and the owner reveals that he did not call the fire department, nor did he hear anyone distinguishing the fire. The fire department confirmed for N.M. today that the incident happened last night – an hour after midnight when they put out the fire.

The firefighters then returned the documents they found in the car to the owner.

KoSSev tried to get in touch with the Fire Department in Mitrovica for more details. However, they did not respond to our calls until the news was published.

N.M. reported the case and gave a statement to the Kosovo Police this morning. The police told him that they would try to visit the scene and investigate during the day.

The Kosovo Police confirmed for KoSSev that a jeep with KG plates was set on fire last night in North Mitrovica and that the owner found out his car was torched car this morning – on his way to work.

Owner N.M. emphasized that no one had the motive to set fire to his car.

„I don’t have problems with anyone. I’ve been an entrepreneur for years. I do not work in any public institution, neither in Kosovo nor the Serbian system. I even have Kragujevac license plates,“ says N.M.

This is the twelfth car arson case in the north since the beginning of this year.

A Ford Fiesta vehicle was torched in Zvecan earlier this month. In late August, a Fiat Punto burnt out in Zvecan, and in early June, an Audi A6 Allroad, owned by M.A., was set on fire. At the beginning of April, the car of a 22-year-old woman in North Mitrovica was set on fire. In the same month, in Zubin Potok, a car with foreign license plates owned by a woman from Kosovo was lit on fire. Also in Zubin Potok, the police received a report that on May 2nd, unknown persons set fire to two tires on a car parked in a private yard. In the middle of September, a car was set on fire in Leposavic.

On September 19th, the police announced that unknown persons had torched a car with Kosovan registration plates.

On the same day, the Kosovo Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Svecla, announced that a Serb, an employee of the Kosovo Police, was attacked by „illegal structures“, that is, that his car with RKS plates was torched – he, however, did not specify where the incident occurred.

The previous case of arson happened around two weeks ago, also in Leposavic, when unknown persons allegedly smashed the windows of a white Skoda vehicle with Belgrade license plates near the technical school in Leposavic. The same car was then torched.

The last cases happened on October 26th and October 27th in Leposavic, when a car owned by a member of the Kosovo Police was set on fire, as well as a vehicle owned by a citizen with the initials N.C. On November 2nd, a Hyundai vehicle was torched in Zubin Potok. And a Ford Fiesta vehicle burnt out in Zvecan on November 8th.

With the exception of a bombing case, as well as at least one car arson during the October 2021 unrests in the north, this is the 63rd case of vehicle arson in Serb-populated areas since 2014. See the full list of car torchings HERE.

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