Xhufka: Do not dare to approach the church in Rakinica, because fire of hell awaits you; The Diocese files criminal complaint

FOTO: Fejsbuk/Nikola Džufka

After the Diocese of Raska-Prizren announced a criminal complaint against Nikolla Xhufka over the break-in and abuse of the SOC church in Rakinica, a day later, this ethnic Albanian who claims to be an Orthodox priest issued an alarming warning. He told the SOC that they should “not dare“ to approach this religious building, which he once again referred to as an „Albanian Church“. In the meantime, the Diocese filed a criminal complaint against Xhufka for inciting discord and intolerance.

“All those who speak about the alleged robbery from the Albanian National Orthodox Church are disinforming the public with malicious intent,” Xhufka said in a video message, responding to the allegations presented by the Diocese.

According to him, the “Albanian National Orthodox Church” has not robbed and “will never rob anything.”

“What happened on November 28 in Rakinica of Podujevo is just taking back what belongs to us historically.”

He once again referred to this SOC site as an Albanian church. “And this is pretty clear,” he added.

“The church called Sveti Arhangel Mihail by the Serbs is an Albanian church. And this is pretty clear. Everything that is ours cannot be called stolen property. The Albanian church in Rakinica of Podujevo is the church dedicated to Monsignor Theofan Noli.”

All those who deny it are not Albanians, he emphasized.

“Not to say that they are possessed by the devil, by that devil who wants to set fire to the Balkans.”

Xhufka said that they went to this church on November 28th “with the decision of our church council” – “knowing the beginnings and history of that church and the style of construction of that church, which is Albanian style.”

“We do not need to get permission from anyone to reclaim what belongs to us as Albanians and as the Albanian national church.”

Speaking of the SOC, Xhufka alleged that its “declarations are known and recognized by all for inciting hatred and war.”

“It is this pseudo-church that hides weapons in the church objects that have been kidnapped from us, the Albanians, and our Albanian national church.”

On behalf of the Albanian National Orthodox Church, he appealed to the Serbian Church, to the “Diocese of Raska,” and to Patriarch Porfirije:

“Do not dare to approach the Albanian Orthodoxy and the Fan Noli Church in Rakinica, Podujevo, because the fire of hell awaits you, as it has historically awaited you.”

“You are a violent church and an unlawful church. You and Anastas Janullatosi are cursed by our true Albanian national orthodox church,” he concluded.

Xhufka’s reaction comes as a response to the statements of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren from November 29.

The Diocese reacted after this alleged priest, on „Albanian Flag Day“ together with a group of individuals, entered the church of Holy Archangel Michael and announced that he founded the „Albanian National Church“ and changed the name of this SOC site.

The Diocese of Raska and Prizren said “the self-proclaimed and fraudulent priest Nikolla Xhufka” actually broke into the church to purportedly perform a religious ceremony.

This act represents a blatant assault on the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church, aimed at fostering ethnic and religious hatred and instability, the Diocese of Raska-Prizren said at the time.

The Diocese also announced a criminal complaint against Xhufka over the break-in and abuse of this SOC site.

The Diocese, through its lawyer, attempted to submit the criminal complaint to the police in the presence of the EULEX monitoring team two days ago, however, the Kosovo Police in Podujevo refused to accept the Diocese’s criminal complaint.

“The Kosovo Police refused to accept the criminal complaint, although they are obliged to do so under the laws of Kosovo, which constitutes a serious breach of the law, a matter that has been notified to all international representatives in Kosovo.”

They managed to file a criminal complaint in the meantime.

The Diocese charges Xhufka with the criminal offense of inciting discord and intolerance under Article 141 of the Criminal Code of Kosovo. In addition to Xhufka, the criminal complaint includes Kristian Zagalli, who was also previously alleged to be a „fraudulent priest“, as well as other persons who attended the event.

Previously, Xhufka himself announced that the „ceremony“ held at the church in Rakinica near Podujevo on November 28 was attended by representatives of the Municipality, the Conservative Party, as well as representatives of „different beliefs“.

The municipality of Podujevo then said that none of their representatives were officially present, noting that the citizens who were there represented themselves.

They said that Nikolla Xhufka is a citizen of the Republic of Albania from Elbasan and is not an ordained clergyman but “falsely presents himself as an Orthodox priest.”

Also, the Orthodox Church of Albania stated in a statement last year that Xhufka is not an Orthodox priest, and that he is not recognized by any Christian church in any country.

Nikolla Xhufka caught the public’s public attention last year when he claimed that he was allegedly “kicked out“ from Visoki Decani Monastery “simply because he is Albanian“.

At the time, the monastery immediately reacted, stating that Xhufka tried to take photos and video material in this monastery with “provocative nationalist intentions.“

Visoki Decani also underlined that he was not kicked out, but that they informed KFOR about his activities.

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