Vucic: Western allies will come up with a plan for Kosovo; I cannot accept Kosovo in the UN

Foto: Screenshot, Tanjug live

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic has been repeatedly warning in the past few days that Serbia will face pressures as soon as Pristina abolishes the taxes and that the West will place an ultimatum, the so-called “Ahtisaari ++” plan, before Serbia – for it to recognize Kosovo in exchange for EU accession. Vucic presented similar claims today at the opening of the Mona Plaza hotel in Belgrade, where he also said that “Kosovo will be a dominant topic” during his upcoming visit to Washington.

When asked if and when they expect the Ahtisaari ++ plan to be proposed, as well as who will propose it and how will Serbia react, Vucic replied that these are “not essential” questions.

„You constantly ask questions that are not essential, but which are only posed for form’s sake – when will that happen… as if you were in a hurry or as if you would like to slow down. It doesn’t matter when, and I have no idea when it will happen,“ he said.

The Serbian President then proceeded to say that it will happen “maybe in three months, maybe in three years.”

„It will happen anyway, and nonetheless, I believe that the Western allies, in one form or another, will come out with a consensus on this. Whether Europeans or Americans will appear with it first is completely unimportant,“ he stressed.

When asked whether Serbia can expect pressure to recognize Kosovo after taxes are abolished, ie. for Kosovo to receive a seat at the United Nations, whereby they could blackmail us, Vucic briefly replied that „there is a wide repertoire“.

„Bear in mind that we lost 0.4% of growth precisely because of the taxes. Whatever they do to you that affects your economy, everything they tell you is destroying your system. Anything that could endanger stability, anything that could endanger peace, anything that could endanger order. Anything that would impose any sanctions on us would be a terrible problem for Serbia,“ he said.

He said that he could not accept Kosovo at the United Nations, stressing that it is “a difficult situation.”

„I cannot accept it and I showed in 2013 whether or not I would be able to accept for Kosovo to join the United Nations. If you are not smart then this is a difficult situation for us. But in this difficult situation, I don’t want to listen to those who destroyed it all, gave it all to them, who have nothing to offer, no solution, the only thing they know how to do is criticize,” he said.

I know how to break up a puzzle, but putting the pieces back together is a little harder, and we have put the pieces together to build our palace and build our country in the most beautiful way possible

Speaking of his upcoming visit to Washington, Vucic says he will fight for Serbia’s interests. „We will have a lot of important talks,“ he underlined, adding that he will talk about it in greater detail in the upcoming days.

On the other hand, Vucic revealed that he is positive that Kosovo will be a dominant topic in talks with US officials.

„Kosovo will undoubtedly be a dominant topic, I would add that it is not an easy topic for us because we have different opinions and different views on things,“ the Serbian President reiterated.

Vucic’s Kosovo counterpart, Hashim Thaci has been on an official visit to Washington for several days now – during which he met with various US officials – where he has repeatedly underlined that „Kosovo is ready for a mutual agreement“.

The Serbian President recently announced that Serbia would face an ultimatum this year on the Kosovo issue, the so-called ‘Ahtisaari ++’ plan. Vucic also estimated that Serbia would most likely receive guarantees for EU accession, but only if it recognizes Kosovo.

However, as he confirmed yesterday, he will ask the people for their judgment on the possible solution for the Kosovo issue, adding that he will first present his opinion on the matter.

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