Vucic: We preserved Serb unity, they purchased and created media from Leposavic to Mitrovica to sow discord

After the bombing, the West encouraged or kept quiet about everything Pristina committed against the Serbs and worked on dividing them, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said at today’s session of the Serbian Assembly on dialogue with Pristina.

„They invested hundreds of millions of dollars and euros in order to divide the Serbian people. They did this by any means necessary, creating media outlets to sow discord and mayhem among the Serbs, bribing the Serbs, and creating television stations, news agencies, and radio stations whose only goal was to disturb the Serbs and create some new Serbs that suit them, and who would recognize the independence of Kosovo. They did the same in Serbia proper,“ said Vucic.

He specified that he does not want to „hail conflict and war“ – but peace.

„We will do our best, but it is clear to me that it does not depend solely on us,“ Vucic said, adding that Pristina, when there is no agreement to which it can refer, launches „almost direct attacks“.

As an example of such “attacks”, the Serb president cited the alleged purchase of Serbian media in the north of Kosovo.

„The comprehensive hybrid attack on Serbs – from the purchase of Serbian media from Leposavic to Kosovska Mitrovica, to the filing of secret indictments, public indictments – I will remind you of the case of Ivan Todosijevic, who was sentenced to two years because he publicly said that ‘Racak was fabricated,'“ he said.

In his words, Serbia nevertheless managed to preserve the unity of the Serbian people – both in the north and the south.

„You can find only 10, 15 or a hundred of those who will tell you that they serve someone else’s interests, not the interests of the Serbian people and Serbia. It’s a big achievement. After several decades and centuries, Serbs realized that we can face the pressures only through unity,“ the Serbian president emphasized.

The most trying things have been happening since Kurti came to power

The president alerted that things are getting worse for Serbs in Kosovo and that the security situation is extremely difficult.

As an example, he cited last night’s attack on two ethnic Serbs in Babin Most, who were reportedly stabbed by Albanians.

„The most trying things have been happening to our people since Albin Kurti came to power – who was much praised by the Belgrade media and political elite,“ he said.

According to Vucic, despite the intense talks, the dialogue has not fundamentally changed in the last 14 months.

„When the dialogue is not progressing, we have increased unilateral actions by Pristina on the ground, which directly affect the Serbs,“ said Vucic, noting that there is also pressure to expel the Serbs from the north of Kosovo.

A good sign is that the West is now insisting Pristina forms the ASM

Underlining that Belgrade respected all the agreements reached, Vucic says that Pristina is finding excuses and postponing the implementation of its obligations. Moreover, he once again criticized the Kosovo side, but also the West, for not forming the Association of Serb-majority municipalities.

While revealing that he “doesn’t know how this will end”, Vucic promised that he will make every effort to „protect the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and national interests, try to support as many compromise proposals as possible and do as much as possible in order to achieve peace with the Albanians“.

Serbia’s biggest problem is that the West does not want to respect the UN Charter, Resolution 1244, the president reveals.

„The only thing we can refer to is international law and Resolution 1244. They won’t hear of it, that’s a done deal for them, they say that things on the ground have changed the Resolution,“ said Vucic.

At the same time, he accuses the West of being uninterested in what was signed or placing more pressure on Pristina.

„Pristina’s persistent and unpunished refusal to fulfill its central obligation – the formation of the ASM, created an atmosphere in which the position of the Serbs continued to deteriorate, leading to the current worrying situation with increasingly frequent and brutal attacks on the personal and property security of our people. Their long-standing explanations about the Constitution and everything else are pointless, and what’s even more pointless are the apologies of people from the international community who actually tacitly supported the non-formation of the ASM,“ said Vucic, noting that it is a good sign that the West is now insisting on Pristina forming the ASM.

„In my opinion, I doubt it’ll happen, they may try to humiliate us by saying that the ASM can be an NGO and just print pens, lighters and nothing else,“ said Vucic.

On the missing

Addressing the missing person issue – which was part of the report presented at the Serbian Assembly today, in which Pristina is blamed for the lack of an agreement – Vucic said that this issue is still being negotiated.

He repeated that the problem lies in the „sentence“ introduced at Pristina’s request, with which, according to Vucic, Serbia is accused of being directly responsible for forced emigration, murders, and crimes against persons in Kosovo. What would follow after this is a request for war compensations and Serbia’s conviction for genocide, he adds.

At the same time, Vucic claims that Serbia has a platform for dialogue with Pristina, which was adopted in the Serbian assembly.

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