Vucic: The platform is a disaster

“Serbia must know that the ultimatums the Albanians sent last night with the help of their western mentors, Serbia’s reply is ‘no, you will not get it! Serbia is the land of honorable, honest and responsible people who are guarding their country and their people!’“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said in Sremska Mitrovica today. „Beat it, the gang from Pristina, along with that paper, wherever you want and see if someone else can grant what you are asking for! Serbia will not grant that for you!“

The “paper” is actually the platform on the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, adopted yesterday in the Kosovo Assembly, which Brussels “lied” to the Serbian president about, claiming it will not be adopted. The dialogue, therefore, will not happen until the taxes are abolished and the platform is withdrawn – a new condition of Serbia, claimed Vucic.

„Ladies and gentlemen, my only concern relates to Kosovo and Metohija, and unlike others who always irresponsibly lied to you, who come and say what you like to hear, I have done the worst things since the beginning of the mandate. Even when you didn’t approve of it either publically or internally, I am sure that you know that I have worked in your and our interest and in the interests of our children,“ Vucic said, while visiting Sremska Mitrovica, as part of his “Future for Serbia” campaign.

„For six years, I have been trying to avoid any kind of conflict. I see many children here, I want these children to grow up in peace and that your children, that our children grow up in peace and think about factories and jobs, and for them not to think about the future. That’s why I fought. And now, if I may ask you to stop applauding for only a few minutes, so that you can hear everything about Kosovo and Metohija,“ he said.

The president stressed that he „never spoke more openly” about Kosovo as he did today in Sremska Mitrovica.

„Let me tell you everything about what we have done and what has happened in these six years so that you can hear about the hypocrisy of those who hold lectures and preach sermons to us every day,“ he said.

He was „stuck with the worst“

Vucic recalled the signing of the Brussels agreement six years ago and „that he was stuck with the worst, as always“ – to go to explain that to Kosovo Serbs.

„It was difficult and hard for me in Kosovska Mitrovica. The Serbs opposed that agreement. I stayed with them all day and all night, explaining to them why this agreement is important, that we will obtain peace and preserve peace with it, and that we will frantically fight for our people in KiM – in every norm, in every paragraph, and that we will not jeopardize our, not only national, but also our state interests,“ Vucic emphasized.

He recalled that „the worst ones“ – those who „surrendered Kosovo“ – accused him of betrayal while he was trying to present Serbia as an honorable partner, which fulfills the obligations it assumes, to the world.

„We are honorable people, our word means something,” the head of state said, adding that he asked the Europeans and the Americans to keep the Serbian word.

„Liars sitting next to liars“

He recalled that 2,149 days have passed since Kosovo Albanians did not fulfill „a single obligation from Brussels“ – to form the Association of Serb Municipalities.

It is 2,149 days of not only shame for the Albanians and they promised, said Vucic, adding that „their word does not mean anything“, the words of those who were mediators from the EU, while Serbia fulfilled every obligation it assumed – he argued.

„That’s why I wound up in this situation six months ago, and dear friends, I want you to know this, that I informed in front of several witnesses, the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini that the draft platform on dialogue is an introduction to disaster throughout the Balkans,“ he claimed.

„I told them, if this appears on the agenda, we will have a disaster for everyone. People, please prevent this. Ten times I begged them to prevent it. Ten times I asked them to stop it. They told me, ‘Aleksandar, it will never be able to appear on the agenda, let alone to a vote’. The Albanians voted and today’s EU comment that they have no comment on what they voted on and what they told me and promised would not appear on the agenda. I’m a witness, you can test me about it and it will be the same answer. Did they trick me?! They did, but first of all, they deceived themselves, because Serbia is not so small, nor as weak as they think. Serbia is not a handful of oats so that they can eat it together and think that they can destroy Serbia because they deceived and lied to me.“
According to the president, „liars are sitting next to liars“ on the other side.

The platform – „there is no end to insolence and recklessness“

Vucic said that he believed there is an end to „insolence and recklessness,“ however, he realized yesterday that „there is no end to it“.

He revealed that Kosovo Albanians put a paragraph in the platform that Serbia must recognize Kosovo’s independence but even that is not enough. This would „qualify for Kosovo to forgive us one day as a prerequisite that they have signs of trust, to recognize Serbia“, which is why, the president explained, Albanians speak of mutual recognition in the platform.

„But this is a trivial matter compared to what follows,“ he further warned.

„Serbia has to be held accountable for rape, for crimes, but it is not enough, Serbia has to pay war reparation for preventing the violent secession again of its territory, but it is also not enough as five additional conditions are required for the giants of this world to forgive Serbia and recognize it at one point,“ Vucic went on.

The president claimed that the Albanians have agreed „with their Western partners“ to „humiliate Serbia“.

He also warned of Ramush Haradinaj’s allegged intentions to “bring him down,” emphasizing that he would never agree to such conditions, that he is not begging anyone and that they could not scare him even with 1 out 5 milion protests.

I am not interested in power, I am protecting the state

Vucic claimed that he will not beg to stay „in power a little longer“ because he is not interested in the power but „morale, homeland and honesty“. He sent a message to the Albanians and their „western mentors“, and what he sees as the enemies of Serbia : „You do not understand that I am here to protect our people and to not give our country to anyone“!

Campaign against Srpska Lista

Aleksandar Vucic revealed that the Kosovo authorities have allegedly issued arrest warrants for ten other of the most capable men „from the north of Kosovo“.

„Against everything that is free and brave, that has the courage to oppose them, they issue an arrest warrant and expel them from Kosovo and Metohija so that the elderly and the weak remain, so that they can expel our people, and so that there is no one to oppose them. I tell them now, no more Storm, no more Flash, and I know what I am telling them  take care, take care and try to play,“ he warned.

Vucic further claimed that a six-month-long campaign is being held against “the patriotic” Srpska Lista:

„They are leading a campaign against Srpska Lista the entire time and they are the people to whom Serbia is the fatherland and not an independent Kosovo.“

He accused the SLS president, Slobodan Petrovic that he was the one who provided a quorum for the 61 votes in favor of the Albanians, which endorsed the platform. According to the Serbian president, Petrovic is the one who supports “1 out of 5 million,” but who protests „against Serbia and the legitimate Srpska Lista“.

According to Vucic, the Serbian opposition and enemies of Serbia are „scum of the worst kind“, „jerks from Serbia“, however, these are “weak words” for those who have „served Kosovo’s independence on a platter“.

Vucic „has no spare fatherland“

On the other hand, Vucic said that „they“ cannot do anything to him because he has no “spare fatherland.”

In the final part of his speech, Vucic talked about Serbia’s investment and progress, its „desire for compromise“. He also spoke about children again, stressing that his children „do not work either for London or for Washington“.

Vucic met with US State Under Secretary, David Hale earlier during the day, when he announced that Serbia will take measures “within a relatively short period of time” with which it will react to what the president described as a failure to fulfill obligations from the Brussels Agreement he informed Hale that Pristina has „terminated the dialogue“ by adopting the platform.



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