Vucic: Srpska Lista will file an appeal to the CEC

A huge amount of money was invested in order to destroy the reputation of Srpska Lista, to destroy it and separate it from Belgrade, and foreigners created a large number of media in the north of Kosovo just to destroy Srpska Lista, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated today and announced Srpska Lista’s appeal to the Election Appeals and Complaints Commission following CEC’s failure to confirm Srpska Lista candidates.

The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that he is „very concerned“ over the decision to prevent Srpska Lista to participate in the elections.

„Now they are bothered that Srpska Lista is winning. They are bothered because they invested a huge amount of money in order to destroy the reputation of Srpska Lista, to destroy Srpska Lista and separate Serbs from Belgrade and Serbia,“ he assessed the decision of two CEC members from the Self-Determination party to abstain from voting on the confirmation of candidates from Srpska Lista for the upcoming elections in the north.

He also claimed that „foreigners created a large number of media in the north of Kosovo in order to destroy Srpska Lista.“

„Just look at how many media the foreigners have created in the north of Kosovo, how many media the foreigners created just to destroy the reputation of Srpska Lista. Look at all the campaigns that are being conducted to criminalize the north of Kosovo, to criminalize Serbs in Kosovo,“ the President stated, adding that „they did not succeed.“

„Because Serbs know everything perfectly well, you can write whatever you want, you can lie about whatever you want, you can say whatever you want, it’s pointless – the Serbs will stand with their people and with their country,“ he emphasized.

The President stated that they realized that „millions cannot change the will of the people“ and added that it would be „even better, if they do not participate in the elections.“

„First we will surprise you with the call (of the elections), expecting you to boycott it, and when the Serbs say ‘no, no, we will participate again, we will win again, and we will easily win, we will get more than 90% (of votes) among Serbs,’ and they say ‘no, no, you do not have the right to participate because we do not like you, Thaci, Haradinaj, Veseli do not like you,“ Vucic briefly described the events that followed the calling of the elections in the north.

Srpska Lista to file an appeal to CEC

The President confirmed that Srpska Lista will file an appeal against the decision of the CEC and „everything else.“ He underlined that he is „waiting” to hear what they will tell him in Berlin on April 29th, adding that he will inform the President of France and the German Chancellor about this move of Pristina, as well as the President of China and the President of Russia with whom he will meet in the coming days.

What do you expect the Serbs to say – no problem, impose Rada Trajkovic as our President of the Serbs, and appoint that Slobodan Petrovic as the President of the government of Serbs, or whatever its name is,“ the President asked Pristina.

Vucic emphasized that nobody will vote for them, but also added that they cannot get even 50 votes.

You all know it and it’s all for nothing, you have 10 media from Kosovska Mitrovica to Leposavic, Gracanica that you created and it is all for nothing. The millions of dollars that you invested are all for nothing. The Serbs do not want them, Serbs know what they are intended for, and Serbs know which flag they are supporting and what country they love. Serbs in Kosovo have their red-blue-white flag, they have no other

The abolition of democracy

„You want to kill them or to remove them from political life because their flag is not the one you would like it to be,“ added Vucic.

He called the move of the two members of Self-Determination „the abolition of democracy,“ adding that „everyone is silent“ and that no one has reacted, while he is being called „to appease the Albanians.“

„They call me – ‘is there anything you can do to appease the Albanians?’ and I simply reply, ‘Fine, thank you for asking, how are you, goodbye, it’s a nice weather we are having,‘“ he said.

„What else can I say,“ the President wondered, stressing that he knows it “sounds ridiculous.”

When asked whether he is besmirching the upcoming talks in Berlin, Vucic replied that he expects that Macron and Merkel, who, in his words, are „smarter than him,“ would figure something out, because he „does not understand how and about what we could talk about with Pristina at the moment.“

The Central Election Commission reached a decision today on Srpska Lista candidates for the upcoming elections in the north of Kosovo. With seven votes in favour and two abstentions of the CEC members from the ranks of the Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement, the candidates of Srpska Lista were not confirmed. Srpska Lista, Veseli’s PDK party and the Self-Determination movement were the only ones to register for these elections. The Srpska Lista candidates are the former mayors from the north, with the exception of Stevan Vulovic. The elections were announced before the expiration of the six month deadline set following the resignations of these mayors on November 23rd due to the introduction of the 100% tax increase on goods from Serbia. President Vucic himself announced the possibility of them resigning again after winning these elections.


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