Vucic: Pristina wanted to buy Serb souls in the south, it did not succeed in the north, we will help the people

„Everything that the international representatives want from Serbia can fit into one sentence – recognition of Kosovo’s independence,“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday night. Serbia will, however, insist more loudly and clearly on the full implementation of the Brussels Agreement, that is, the establishment of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities, he also said.

The first point of the National Security Council meeting held last night was related to the situation in Kosovo through three sub-points: Pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence, the pressure faced by Serbs and non-Albanians, and what Serbia could expect as potential risks in Kosovo.

Dialogue to continue in May
„Serbia is in a very difficult position and we expect the dialogue to continue at the beginning of May. We will be prepared, but I want to tell all the citizens of Serbia that the entire Western hemisphere expects Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo. And that is the essence of the whole process, more or less, and everything they want from us can fit into one sentence.“

According to the Serbian President, that very sentence – the recognition of Kosovo’s independence will be even more pronounced and even more drastic than ever before.

He reiterated that Serbia will protect its state and national interests.

„We will preserve what we can and what we have not managed to lose with our irresponsible policies in the previous decades,“ said Vucic, criticizing the actions of the current opposition in Serbia. Serbia will pay even more attention to the areas south of the Ibar in the coming period, also said Vucic.

„Albanian authorities wanted to have a deeper influence and create discord within the Serb population. Indeed, to a small extent, they managed to do something by buying Serb souls in the south. They did not manage to do that in the north, but they did in the south because of the misfortunes of our people and because we have many more unemployed Serbs than we do in the north.“

That is why Serbia will help them – to give them hope within Serb institutions and systems, especially in Kosovsko Pomoravlje to Novo Brdo, in Gracanica and Strpce and the Metohija enclaves – he added.

Serbia allocates €600 million for aid to Kosovo every year
„That is why they will get huge help from Serbia. €600 million are set aside every year for help. It is not just an issue of Serbs from Kosovo, but an issue of the whole of Serbia.“

„The situation is significantly different in the north – and that is the source of the nervousness of some Albanian representatives who want to force the Serbs at any cost.“

Speaking of Kurti and Osmani, Vucic revealed that they argue that Serbia must recognize the independence of Kosovo and that everything else can reportedly be discussed. He added that they wanted to cooperate with Serbs such as Nenad Rasic and Rada Trajkovic, who „do not want to respect Serbia.“

Vucic also shared the next moves of the Serbian government:

„It will insist more loudly and clearly on the full implementation of the Brussels Agreement, i.e. the establishment of the Association of Serb-majority

Municipalities, according to the first 6 points of the Brussels Agreement and as envisaged according to the 2015 implementation agreement,“ he said.

„We will wait for that and refer to the words of the European representatives and Mr. Lajcak that what was agreed will have to be fulfilled,“ Vucic concluded.

Three books about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

At the very end of the press conference, Vucic also revealed what was on his desk – three books about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. He also added that one of the special points of last night’s National Security Council meeting was related to the murder of Ivanovic.

„In two years of lies, two years the state was directly and covertly accused of murder, both me personally, and his widow and Milan Radoicic, although it was irrefutably established that Radoicic could not have been (cf. involved in the murder).“

The campaign lasted for a long time, the president added, noting that they fell silent when the Albanians recently withdrew the warrant for Radoicic’s arrest.

According to him, presenting a lie as the truth is one of the ways to destroy Serbia.



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