Vucic meets with Srpska Lista, accompanied by Radoicic in the Raska military barracks. Kosovo is a spoiled brat raised by great Western powers, says President

Susret Srba sa KiM sa Prdsednikom u kasarni Vojske RS u Raški okviru kampanje "Srbija je na dobrom putu"
Foto: Printscreen – Susret Srba sa KiM sa predsednikom u kasarni Vojske RS u Raški u okviru kampanje „Budućnost Srbije“

„I apologize you were freezing, I apologize for waiting, I was with representatives of our people from Kosovo and Metohija, from all parts of Kosovo and Metohija. Our people from Klina, from Gorazdevac, from Strpce, from Gracanica, from the entire north of Kosovo came here to Raska, so I had a little longer meeting with them,“ the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic apologized to media teams today in the Raska district which he visited as part of his campaign „The Future of Serbia“.

The Serbian President met with Srpska Lista, including Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic, who is regarded in the public as the most influential official of the largest Kosovo Serb party. Radoicic has made few public appearances since he avoided arrest by the special Kosovo police forces in North Mitrovica on November 23rd. The Special Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo has issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

Following Dacic’s announcement that Serbia will have to use “military force” to defend Serbs from the North if someone attacks them, Srpska Lista members gathered in the Serbian army barracks „Stefan Nemanja“. The president was also concerned.

„… I’m concerned about Kosovo, I am concerned about the irresponsibility of the Albanians. It seems to me that they are hotheads, but we have no choice. We have to keep our people safe and protect them. And I am convinced that with your support in the economic sense, we will be able to make progress here and that we will be able to preserve a greater number of people in our homes,“ he said earlier today.

KoSSev contacted Srpska Lista Vice-President, Milan Radoicic in writing, asking him to comment on the meeting between his colleagues from Srpska Lista and the President of Serbia held today, however, no reply arrived prior to this news was published.

Albanians are bothered by Serbia’s strength

He claimed that the Albanians are bothered by the fact that they cannot walk all over Serbia as they did from the end of the 90s until 2012. Serbia is strong today – Vucic stressed.

Vucic said that he is a tougher nut for Haradinaj and Veseli to crack than they were hoping for in their efforts to bring him down. He added that these two are counting on economic losses in Serbia, on further provocations, but also on „nobody in Serbia being interested“.
“We are (interested),” he emphasized.

For the first time, people from Strpce – both Braca and Dalibor complain that there are no goods from central Serbia, I heard something similar for Gracanica. For the first time, I hear that they are engaging the border police, that they are removing goods from the shelves, even in the Leposavic municipality

Vucic claimed that the Serbian side will stick to the agreement, adding that it will „find ways and roads“ to supply Serbian people with goods.

Kosovo is a spoiled brat raised by great Western powers

Our people in Kosovo and Metohija know this well. People know who robbed them and who stole from them, and who is working honestly and doing everything he can so that they can survive and remain in their homes

The President said that he does not care what they are saying about him or the taxes, instead expressing concern over Serbia’s interests.


„I am concerned that irrational and irresponsible people can take some other measures that can lead us in a very, very bad direction. That’s what concerns me. I’m not particularly interested in or scared by their words, their shouts, their rants,“ he said, without specifying what measures he was talking about, only claiming that he “senses” them.

„The great powers of the West recognized an independent Kosovo. It’s their baby, that’s their baby which they are rocking, it’s no longer a baby, it’s a spoiled brat that can do all kinds of stupid things wherever he can, but it’s still their baby and they will keep it safe and will always look for sufficient reason to blame Serbia for any small thing,“ Vucic explained.

Vucic is coming to Kosovo, urges Serbs not to join the Kosovo army

The Serbian President previously announced that he will visit Kosovo as part of the „Future for Serbia“ campaign. He refused to talk about the exact time and place today, in order to avoid „causing our people problems with the Albanian authorities“.

He again urged Kosovo Serbs not to join the Kosovo Army, underlining that special pressure is being placed in the region of Pomoravlje.

„There is already so few of us, there is already not enough of us, the last thing we need is a conflict among the Serbs,“ Vucic said.

The President had a clear message: We are with our Serbian people, with those who see themselves as citizens of Serbia.



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