Vucic, looking anxious, poses for a photo photo with the US president and his wife

FOTO: Budućnostsrbijeav

„At the official reception with President Biden, we confirmed our commitment to further improvement of our bilateral relations“ the President of Serbia briefly informed the public after the meeting in New York, while also sharing a photograph showing his wife Tamara Vucic, as well as the US president with his wife, smiling politely, with Vucic himself looking concerned.

The photograph in question was taken at an official reception held by US President Joseph Biden on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, and the president only recently shared the picture.

For the pro-governmental media in Serbia today, the main news is the avalanche of reactions to Vucic’s speech at the United Nations podium, that is, praise for his harsh criticism of Western countries.

His speech yesterday was said in a similar manner, and even his facial expression at the reception was dark and worried.

With a different expression, the president of Kosovo, who attended the same event, posed with her husband, alongside the US presidential couple.

She claims that she received „strong guarantees for continued US support for Kosovo“ from Biden, underlining that the partnership with America is „existential, inviolable and irreplaceable.“

Osmani also published a similar photo immediately after the reception yesterday, with the description: „Alliance of freedom – eternal alliance“

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