Vucic: Important consultations, then dialogue continuation; Greece assures us that it will not recognize Kosovo

„We have received assurances from Greece that it will not recognize Kosovo,“ the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said today. He also declared that „big and important consultations“ on Kosovo await him, as well as the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels.

Serbia must protect its national interests, the President of Serbia told TV Pink today.

The continuation of the dialogue and the first meeting between Aleksandar Vucic and Albin Kurti as negotiators are scheduled to take place in June. The president also revealed that consultations will be held in Belgrade in the coming days, followed by talks in Brussels.

The TV Pink journalist spoke to the president – discussing „what is being talked about,“ such as:

The rumors that France could „take the baton“ in the dialogue, and that it could also propose an „interim agreement“ within which Serbia would have autonomy in northern Kosovo, and the SOC would gain a special status.

„All of this could happen because of Greece which should give visa liberalization to Kosovo,“ TV Pink journalist told Vucic.

The President underlined that visa liberalization should be approved by the European Union, adding that this is all about something else. What exactly is this “something else” – the president refused to reveal, only saying that he would talk about it in the coming days.

He stressed he does not want to talk about it until he sees for himself what is the truth.

„I expect to see, since there have been some changes in relations, whether it is just a trade office or there is a point of interest between Pristina and Greece. We will see how it goes, and then we will inform the public,“ the president added.

When a TV Pink journalist mentioned the “rumors” that Greece could recognize Kosovo, the President of Serbia said that he received assurances from this country that this will not happen.

„They assure us that they will not admit it, but the things that we have seen are certainly not so good news for us. We will see, we will fully inform the public,“ the president said without specifying what this “not so good news“ for Serbia exactly entails.



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