Vucic: I won’t recognize Kosovo within present borders

Aleksandar Vučić
Foto: RTS, caption

Oliver Ivanovic was murdered in order to set off the destruction of Serbia’s position and that policy continued with the criminalization of the north, which, among other things, led to the failure of President’s idea to „establish a fair border between Serbs and Albanians“ which would mean „saving face“ – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic stated on the ‘Upitnik’ talk-show on RTS last night. Vucic claimed that he did not publicly present this idea because he „could not agree with the opposite side,“ but added that the critical public is guilty for its refusal. The President told the citizens „not to play dumb“ several times during his guest appearance and called this tendency the cause of his failure.

President Vucic reiterated that his delimitation idea had failed and sent a message to the Serbian public „not to play dumb“ because „everyone knows what is happening in Kosovo.“ Vucic then claimed that „finding someone new to blame suits them“ and revealed that he is their new culprit. However, in his words, he is used to it and does not mind.

“Regardless of the difficult situation I succeeded in getting some things back from the deadlock and trying to get back what has already been mostly lost with my patient politics and responsibility, and a greater economic, diplomatic and military power,” Vucic said.

According to the President, however, he then saw „the strength of great powers.“

„And then we saw the strength of the great powers. Even though I know you will never ask me, but I hope that one day I will have enough time to write a book and show how the pressures of external forces work, how the hiring of their political lackeys works, the media lackeys and all others in both the territory of the Republic of Serbia and abroad, and how the possibility that Serbia has something in Kosovo and Metohija is destroyed to some new generations and people who deal with politics,“ he said.

I have no idea what we’re going to discuss in Paris

When asked about what will be discussed in July in Paris, again at the invitation of Merkel and Macron, President Vucic briefly responded: “I have no idea, the media seem to know better than we do.”

He said he „does not expect anything“ from that meeting, or the one in Berlin, claiming that he will go to Paris with the attitude that Serbia is a sovereign country and that it does not recognize Kosovo. Vucic added that he will attend the meeting but shared his concern over „not seeing a solution.“

He sent a message to the organizers: „With all due respect to what Merkel did for Serbia, if their idea of a compromise is to make Serbia recognize the independence of Kosovo, then there is no compromise and this will not happen.“

He criticized the opposition for not wanting to talk to him, but instead calling him a traitor in advance. Speaking about the opposition’s policy of resolving the Kosovo issue by reconciliation, not delimitation, Vucic said:

„It’s like a Miss World pageant. You know – we want world peace. Or Alan Ford – it’s better to be healthy than sick and I have been listening to all these empty stories and watching this for weeks, months.“

According to him, the only thing he did not hear from them is what the solution is.

The President did not reveal his proposed solution – which remained at an idea level that no one wanted to negotiate – or rejected this decision. Nevertheless, although he admitted that he did not reach even one-half of the negotiations, he blamed the critical public for its failure.

„How do you think that I can offer something to the whole nation that I have not managed to agree with the opposite side or anyone in the international community,“ he wondered, adding that „the idea of a compromise was unfounded – on establishing a fair border between Serbs and Albanians.“

He claimed he fought for „Leposavic or Ranilug not to be part of some independent state,“ adding that the reason he „failed“ was because „everyone played dumb.“

The President stressed that he was exposed to the „most brutal campaign“ because of this delimitation idea, although „no one heard his idea and plan“ – despite his efforts.

„For a year now there has been no single thing that I did not hear from the local public against something that they have no clue about what they are criticizing or what they are talking about,“ he claimed.

„I did not have the support of the Serbian public for that idea, and that is the thing that personally hurt me the most, but it did not stop me from working on it until the people gave their final judgment,“ Vucic said, adding that he was prevented in doing so by „other outside factors,“ primarily by the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, which was the moment of the „harshest offensive.“

„It started on January 16, even before that, but the harshest offensive and the whole story what they did with the murder of Oliver Ivanovic happened at the time. They started destroying all of Serbia’s positions. Serbia killed him, Vucic killed him and ordered his assassination, although I was the only one who helped him. I am telling you this for the first time in this show. The only one who seriously helped this man both privately and as President,“ he claimed.

He declared once again that he „hopes we will be able“ to announce the names of the perpetrators of Ivanovic’s murder soon, adding that the further weakening of Serbia’s position continued after Ivanovic’s murder – „the criminalization of Serbs, especially those from the north. The aim of this campaign was for us to say – why do we need the north?“

„This idea, the idea that Serbs could get something to save face, something that could mean a lot for the preservation of our people in Kosovo and Metohija, because I heard stories that our people, from Strpce or I do not know where, will leave Kosovo – well, they will leave it from all parts. They are leaving it. We fight, people are leaving today in fewer numbers than they did 10 years ago, but they are still leaving. And all of them are playing dumb, and I say to you now, I will not – as long as I am the President – I will not recognize the independence of Kosovo, I will not recognize it within its present borders,“ he said.

President Vucic refused to provide details of this idea, stressing that „all people understand what it is that I wanted.“

„People cannot know more because it’s not fair to talk about something I have not arranged and it’s not fair to talk about something for which I cannot say that would be accepted by the other side,“ he concluded.



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