Vucic: I knew that the ASM will not be formed, that is why we are discussing a compromise solution

Belgrade Security Forum, October 18th, 2018, Aleksandar Vucic and Alexander Van der Bellen, PHOTO: KoSSev

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said this morning, while participating on a panel of the Belgrade Security Forum 2018, that he knew from the very beginning that the ASM (Association of Serb Municipalities) would not be formed.

„From the very beginning, I knew that the Albanians would not be able to deliver the Association and that no one in the world would force them to implement this part of the agreement … That is why we are discussing a compromise solution today,“ Vucic said.

What did Vucic say after the signing of the ASM agreement

„I think that our people have a reason to be pleased – the Association of Serb Municipalities will be established tonight. I think that we can do a lot if we are smart and responsible,“ the current Serbian President and the former Prime Minister said immediately after the signing of the agreement on the Association of Municipalities with a Serb majority on August 25th, 2015 in Brussels.

„Now I have a message for our people, above all our people in Kosovo, we have reached good agreements that guarantee, not only security and safety, to them, but also the survival of jobs,“ said Vucic, who led the Serbian delegation in Brussels in the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina.

„I think we did a great job for our people and we will unveil all agreements. I will go to Kosovo and Metohija – to all 10 Serbian municipalities, and address our people, and I think that they will be satisfied with what we have achieved,“ Vucic said at that time.

The President, however, said today that he told the citizens back at the time of reaching the agreement on the Community/Association: „We got something.“

„We got something … and I told the north, remember my words, we will stick to the Brussels Agreement, but the other side won’t. And this is happening today, we have fulfilled our obligations, and the ASM has not been formed even after 2,000 days,“ Vucic said.

According to the Serbian president, this is the reason why a „painful compromise“ for both Serbs and Albanians must be negotiated today. However, he did not explain what this compromise solution entails.

Vucic also criticized the way a compromise solution was being promoted in the Serbian and Kosovo public. He claimed that he himself had „diminished the expectations of the Serbian public“, at the expense of his own, but also the popularity of his party, while his Kosovo counterparts are trying to gain popularity by talking about a compromise solution.

I am more popular than Milosevic and Kostunica – without a single war

The President also underlined that he had won „five elections with the highest margin in history“ and estimated that „he is far more popular than Milosevic and Kostunica, even though he did not lead a single war“.

Vucic also added that he understands that Serbs and Albanians need peace, but also that „many Serbs and even more Albanians“ do not understand this.

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