Vucic: I expect surprises in Washington; a long night between September 3rd and 4th

Vučić Gazivode
Foto: KoSSev

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic announced on Pink TV this morning that the Serbian and Kosovan delegations will meet in Washington on September 3rd, while the September 4th meeting at a high-level is conditioned by what the hosts consider to be a success. Vucic also alerted of a „long night“ between September 3rd and September 4th. Enthusiasm subsided also in relation to the Brussels dialogue which, as Vucic described this morning is going towards recognition „one way or another“. This is in strong contrast to previous statements of Marko Djuric who assured the public this is not the topic.

„The meeting in Washington will take place on the 3rd, while the September 4th meeting is conditional – meetings at the highest level will happen if they (cf. the hosts) are satisfied,“ the Serbian president said on Pink TV this morning.

He revealed that the Serbian delegation received an official agenda containing points that were to be discussed, i.e. economic topics, adding that there was also “one point that we did not want to accept.”

Although without specifying what this point actually entails, the president alleged that he „is not sure that it will stop there.“

My political sense was rarely wrong about different types of possible surprises and traps

Vucic recalled that the Kosovan side has been claiming that it is going to Washington to obtain recognition, adding that our state services recorded that.

He also warned that he expects surprises in Washington.

„I will apologize to the US administration if there are no surprises,“ the Serbian President said.

Vucic also reminded that in a letter addressed to him and Thaci, the US president, Donald Trump spoke about mutual recognition. Furthermore, Vucic underlined that the US president did not change that attitude.

When asked if he expects a meeting with Trump, Vucic replied that he believes that it will not happen after all.

„If I accept that and if I am right that there will be surprises – when it comes to the demands presented to Serbia. If I accept that, I believe that I would be the first Serb and the first Serb president who could have, not only a meeting with Avdullah Hoti and Trump, but also a bilateral meeting with Trump. Since I believe I know what that surprise could be, I sense that, and not because I have data – most likely I will refuse it and that meeting will not take place,“ he said this morning.

He also announced “a long night” between September 3rd and 4th.

„What will happen on the night between September 3rd and 4th – we start with negotiations talks at 10am US time, and then we have a continuation. I am waiting to see what will happen in the continuation of those negotiations. I believe that we can agree on these economic matters in 4 or 5 hours. I’m waiting to see what will happen next. It will be a long night.“

Despite everything, however, the president claimed that he has „plenty of experience“ in negotiations with great world leaders. He insisted that although he has „sincere fear“ of the Washington meeting that will not prevent him from fighting for Serbia and the Serb people in Kosovo.

The Serbian President also briefly spoke about his experience in talks with world leaders:

„I met with Xi Jinping seven times, 18 times with Putin and Merkel. I was the only one who welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister here in Belgrade in the last 50 years. Not to mention the Israeli president, a few meetings with the Israeli prime minister. We are talking about the most important people in the world, the Indian Prime Minister, the Vice President of India…“

As he had done many times before, Vucic once again alerted of a difficult period for Serbia, while also emphasizing:

“It is always more favorable for us to talk to people from the Trump administration than to people from some other administration.“

Lajcak wants recognition in one way or another
Vucic also made a brief comparison between the negotiations under the auspices of the EU, led by the special envoy, Miroslav Lajcak.
„Simply hearing what Lajcak is saying is enough to understand what it is about and what type of conversation is led in Brussels – complete everything else and then we will come out with a paper – thus achieving recognition of Kosovo’s independence in one way or another,“ Vucic said despite the representative of the Serbian expert team in the Brussels negotiations, Marko Djuric repeatedly claiming that the Pristina delegation is lying that recognition is being discussed in Brussels.



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