Vucic: Haradinaj’s resignation is a political trick, pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo will increase

“I did not dismiss Ramush Haradinaj and I will talk to anyone the Albanians choose as their representative and I would like to do it so as soon as possible. The only thing needed for this to happen is for the Kosovo leadership to abolish the tax,” told he Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. He addressed the public the day after the sudden resignation of Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj. The President, however, is skeptical that the taxes will be abolished. Therefore, according to him, there is no reason for, he says “euphoria in Serbia”. “Homogenization of Albanians and hatred towards the Serbs will be even greater”, claimed Vucic today.

Haradinaj’s resignation – political trick and the Greater Albania unification with Tirana in the autumn elections

„In the political aspect, Ramush Haradinaj’s resignation is a political trick he is using to gain even greater popularity by which he wants to trample over his political opponents, which will lead to more extreme attitudes of Kosovo Albanians, where he is becoming a hero fighting for a comprehensive and unified Kosovo, and all the others become unworthy of such a great leader who is leading them into the bright future,“ Vucic said, claiming that the international community is “staying silent” about the crimes committed against Serbs.

He argued also that Haradinaj would return from Hague within “seven days or 48 hours” and will be deemed a “hero” among Albanians.

The Serbian President predicted that the Kosovo elections would be held in late September, or in October, and shared his belief that their main goal will be to “form a majority without Srpska Lista.” Furthermore, he warned that representatives of our people would be used for “one more crackdown” with Srpska Lista.

Vucic once again sent a warning of the leaders from Albania who are “blatantly” working on creating Greater Albania, while also talking yesterday of Haradinaj as if he were “a great, fantastic and magnificent hero”

„It will be a Greater Albania internal unification and a Greater Albania unification with Tirana,“ he said.

Their plan and idea is to wait for the elections, for Ramush Haradinaj and his political party to come out even stronger, with an idea of the international community, and for Shpend Ahmeti, as one of his partners, to carry on such a policy … but either way, there is not a lot of room for the Serbs and for dialogue with Belgrade here

Serbia is in favor of dialogue but wants the taxes to be abolished – he emphasized, adding that he is willing to talk to anyone the Albanians choose as their representative. The president, however, added that he is skeptical the taxes would be abolished.

According to him, in addition to the Kosovo elections, the Serbian elections in March are another obstacle to the dialogue between the two countries.

Pressure from the West to recognize an independent Kosovo to follow, I believe Trump and Bolton more than the State Department

The President also warned that Serbia can expect “additional pressure” from the West.
„Those who created Kosovo – the Western powers – will increasingly feel the need to place their pressure on Belgrade… the point is that some sort of measure for pressure will be required – we will pressure you now as much as we pressured them, and then they will say, you, the Serbs, need to give in more now, because that is the only way we can reach a compromise,“ he claimed.

„Serbia will be pressured, although the EU papers do not say that we have an obligation to recognize an independent Kosovo. I am telling you now the pressures will go in the direction of recognizing an independent Kosovo. I don’t know why do you look so surprised?!“ said Vucic.

Nevertheless, the Serbian president sees different positions in American politics towards Kosovo.

Vucic admitted that he trusts Donald Trump and Bolton much more than the State Department and announced that, although there are several positions in the US on Kosovo, the United States will eventually come out with a united attitude by September and that it will not be an easy one for Serbia.

„I trust Donald Trump and his men and the National Security Secretary Bolton much more than I trust many people in the State Department,“ he stressed.

Vucic, however, added the US position will be “completely united” and “not so easy” for Serbia by September.

“I’m small and it’s certain that they will break me. They broke much stronger (men) in Serbian history,” he claimed also today.

Vucic revealed that he knew exactly what the „British, Americans, and everyone else“ meant „as soon as” he heard the statements of “Serbian and Albanian politicians,” who are, in his words, working for foreign services.

„At least fifty people in this country who are familiar with the documents of everyone else’s security service know of this,“ he added.

Speaking about the assessment of Rada Trajkovic that Kadri Veseli is behind Haradinaj’s resignation and his court summons, Vucic said: „When I talked to them, and I heard the same thing, I told them – I didn’t even need to call you.“

He spoke about the agents of the Austrian service and criticized the fact that the American side welcomed Haradinaj’s response to the court summons, while it failed to do the same when Vladimir Lazarevic and Vojislav Seselj went to the Hague. Vucic also criticized the attitude of the West towards Serbian convicts.
He also revealed that after the US banned entry to General Dikovic he forbade all Serbian officers from going to the United States.

I did not dismiss Ramush Haradinaj, nor did I participate in that in any way, unlike some Serbian heroes, who always want to fabricate that they are responsible for something for the newspapers. I did not participate in that in any way. I do not have a good opinion of Mr. Haradinaj. I’m sure he feels the same about me

Homogenization of Albanians and hatred towards Serbs will be even greater

Although he “understands the satisfaction” the Serbs are feeling over the summons of Ramush Haradinaj, he also said that Serbia must react “calmly, responsibly and without any euphoria.”

Vucic criticized, as he described, the delight, “a part of the Serbian political public scene and the church“ found in Haradinaj’s stance against the delimitation. According to him, they avoided explaining to the public that Haradinaj does not want to give any part of the Kosovo territory to Serbia.

Vucic also criticized those who reacted 15 minutes after the news was announced, adding that, based on their statements alone, he could immediately see “on behalf of which foreign embassy” they werepp operating. In his words, he is a politician who, unlike others, does not need “foreign embassies to stay in power.”

Vucic then shared his belief that the position of Kosovo Serbs will be more difficult now after Haradinaj’s arrest:

„Further homogenization of Albanians is coming, more extreme attitudes and even more intense and obvious hatred towards the Serbian people and the state they perceive as the sole culprit for all their misfortunes and for what is happening to Haradinaj.“

The economic unification in the Balkans as the only chance of survival

According to Vucic, the only way out is for Serbia to take the initiative for the economic unification of the countries of the Western Balkans – he added.



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