Vucic: ASM cannot be an NGO, we are not interested in their constitution

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic revealed today that he listens to the stories of Pristina officials about mutual recognition every day, adding that they are „repeating it like parrots“. He said that this is the reason why he decided to stop reacting to such statements and „just smile and carry on“.

Vucic claimed that, unlike the Pristina delegation, „he cannot insult and talk about some imaginary solutions.“

Serbia is ready for dialogue, the President of Serbia announced ahead of talks with the EU envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak in Belgrade. Lajcak is set to visit the Serbian capital following a two-day stay in Pristina, where he met with top Pristina officials, who reiterated that the ASM would no longer be discussed in Brussels. They also said that the ASM would be formed after the signing of a „mutual recognition agreement“ and that it would be in line with the Kosovo Constitutional Court’s decision.

„We are ready to discuss a compromise solution, but before any compromise solutions, they must fulfill what they signed,“ the President of Serbia said in an interview for RTS.

„And the ASM cannot be some kind of an NGO. We are not interested in their constitution. People can apply that even without our negotiations and talks“ – reads Vucic’s message to Pristina officials.

The President also commented on the joint statement the representatives of Kosovo Serbs and the Kosovo Office issued after yesterday’s meeting in Belgrade, which read that the possibility of leaving Pristina institutions would be considered if the ASM is not formed.

He stressed that Srpska Lista thus „smartly and unequivocally“ revealed its position on the formation of the ASM, adding that official Belgrade will show patience.

„Let’s show patience, tolerance. Let’s see when they will fulfill the obligations from the agreement signed in 2013.“

On the other hand, he said that things in the world are rapidly changing, Serbia is becoming stronger economically in Eastern Europe, and that maintaining such a situation is dependent on energy, diligence of Serbia and the ability to preserve peace and stability.

„That is why it is important that we talk with Mr. Lajcak about a compromise solution. He is doing his best and fighting,“ the president added.

He underlined once again that Serbia is always ready for talks, but also that he personally tries not to respond to „daily nonsense coming from Pristina.“

„We want peace, stability, flow of goods, people, capital. I can’t insult them the way they insult us, and I can’t talk about some imaginary solutions, I’ve been listening to that for seven years,“ Vucic added.



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