Vucic announces new withdrawals of Kosovo’s recognition

Vučić vašngton SAD
FOTO: Tanjug/live

New withdrawals of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence will arrive shortly – the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic announced in Washington following a meeting with the US Defense Secretary, David Norquist. He also said that the US did not ask for any concession from Serbia in exchange for Pristina’s abolishment of the taxes.

The United States did not ask for any concession from Serbia in exchange for Pristina’s abolishing the taxes, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Washington tonight, Tanjug news agency reported.

„Mr. Grenell made it clear by saying – the tariffs should be abolished first, and then we will talk about everything else,“ Vucic said.

After the taxes are abolished, there will talks on dialogue – from format to solution, topic – he said.

He revealed that „there is some kind of race“ between Europe and the US, adding that they will come to a common stand and platform on Kosovo. According to the president, however, there is one problem in all of this:

„I cannot tell what kind of a compromise solution can be proposed with which both parties would be equally dissatisfied.“

He announced that the matter will be discussed during his upcoming visit to Berlin, where he will meet with Angela Merkel.

What is important is to continue the dialogue and lower the tensions – he stressed, adding that this is not the right moment for „concrete matters.“

He noted that he will „look to save what is his own“ and that the solution lies in a compromise:

„And I will look for it while I am in office. Will I be able to find it is another thing. That’s the only possible angle.“

In the last two days, Vucic met with several US officials to discuss the region and Kosovo.

The Voice of America reported that the Serbian President met with his Kosovo counterpart, Hashim Thaci tonight.

Before meeting with Thaci, Vucic said he had seen him numerous times and that „this is not some big news.“ On the other hand, he also said he would like to know „what they want“, in addition to what he heard „ten times today – ‘we will force Serbia to recognize Kosovo’“.

Okay, take it easy with – ‘you are very strong and we are very weak’. Let’s see if you have something else to offer. Are you aware that it is necessary to make a real compromise in the talks and not ‘Serbia will have to accept ultimatums and serve our interests’? Let’s see if it will have to do so.“

While Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti presented as a condition for abolishing the taxes for Serbia to cease its campaign of withdrawals of Kosovo’s recognition, the President of Serbia announced the continuation of the same campaign. The news was previously announced on Sunday by Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, who will be traveling to Africa soon, where he will negotiate with another country to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. Dacic refused to disclose the name of the country in question.

„I expect new withdrawals of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence shortly. Let them say what they want. And I told everyone time and time again that we are always ready to sit down when Albanians abolish their taxes and say ‘don’t ask for recognition, we will not conduct a withdrawal campaign,“ said the Serbian president.

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