Vucic announces massive vaccination program, Kosovo Serbs via “hybrid system”, Serbia ready to assist K-Albanians as well

Serbia launched a mass Covid-19 vaccination program today.Immunization checkpoints are being opened in municipalities throughout Serbia. President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic announced today that Kosovo Serbs would be also vaccinated through the usage of a “hybrid manner” – both in Kosovo where applicable and central Serbia.

Serbia will find a way to vaccinate Kosovo Serbs and is ready to support Albanians as much as it can, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said today, without presenting further details though.

„Ordinary people do not understand the ways we must contrive and the things we must do. Starting from the fact they (Kosovo authorities) issued a red notice for the apprehension and arrest of our people, we learned at the same time when those notices were issued, so we kept people out to avoid arrest, we put drugs, vaccines, we put away everything else so that they could not destroy them,“ said the president.

Speaking about the backlash from Pristina to Serbia sending coronavirus vaccines to the north of Kosovo and launching the vaccination program, he recalled that the location where the vaccines were stored was changed due to announcements from Pristina that the vaccines might be confiscated.

Vucic also claimed that if the vaccines had come into the possession of the Pristina authorities, they would have been destroyed.

Speaking of the mass vaccination of Kosovo Serbs, the Serbian President announced that a hybrid system would be used, whereby a part of the population from the north of Kosovo will be vaccinated in these municipalities and the other part in Raska.

„Some people from Kosovsko Pomoravlje will be vaccinated in Bujanovac and Vranje. We will see where we will vaccinate people from Sirinicka Zupa, Strpce, Metohija, Gracanica, and the surrounding places,“ he noted, adding that a special part of the operational headquarters will work on this along with the Kosovo Office.

„We will take care of our people in Kosovo. Of course, we will do so without endangering anyone and always ready to help the Albanians and none of that will be influenced by ethnicity. Just as Kosovo is an independent state for them, Kosovo is part of the Republic of Serbia for us, „Vucic added.

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