Vucic announces a letter to the heads of state: How can Kurti talk about unification, while everything is forbidden to Serbs

What would you say if someone from Serbia or Republika Srpska said that, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, asked the international community again today, commenting on the statement of the Prime Minister of Kosovo on unification with Albania, but also the lack of reactions to Kurti’s statement. The President, however, announced today that he will „dare“ to send an official letter to all heads of state regarding this matter.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, met with the EU envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak on Monday. Although claiming that they discussed many details, he revealed that he cannot talk about them publicly.

„We don’t have an agreement per which we go public about such things that have not been agreed,“ said Vucic, adding that, among other things, they also discussed the issue of missing persons and the ASM.

Today, he stressed that Serbia wants talks with Pristina at all levels – „as soon, as many and as often as possible.“

In his words, “every talk is beneficial” and all topics should be discussed – the ASM, the energy issue. He also emphasized that an attempt should be made to „instill at least the minimal amount of trust so that we do not end up in a situation like the one we had a month ago“.

He revealed that he conveyed this to Lajcak as an „official request of the Republic of Serbia“.

Vucic, however, also alleged that he does not want to accept the notion that Serbia is the one responsible for the lack of talks in Brussels.

Upon his return from Russia, the president announced that he would send a letter to all heads of state regarding the recent statement of the Kosovo Prime Minister, who said that he would vote for unification with Albania in a referendum – if it is presented democratically.

The president said that he will point out that in the letter and ask for an explanation on „how it is possible that Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions in Pristina, every now and then, in a very clear and precise way, speaks – not about someone else’s – but his own desire for Kosovo’s unification with Albania.“

Recalling that no one from the EU or the international community reacted to Kurti’s statement, he said that he would „dare and ask about this in the official form“.

Vucic also revealed the questions he will include in the letter:

„Does that mean that you will be silent and that you will not react to anyone from around here talking about unification with someone else, or would you react in an instant, except that you would have dozens of helpers from our country who would immediately hurry to report us over our irresponsible statement, or would I end up burned at the stake like in the Middle Ages.“

„Based on which principle is everything allowed to Albanians, and everything forbidden to Serbs“ – he added.

What would you say if someone from Serbia or Republika Srpska said that, would your answer be similar or one and the same?

He warned that this will have to stop „because ‘let it go, who cares what Kurti is saying’ can no longer be used as an explanation.”

„Why don’t you say – who cares what Vucic is saying. But no, they say – ‘what Vucic is saying could happen.’ That was the explanation I was given by one of the most important political representatives,“ Vucic said, specifying that he did not want to say that Serbia will pursue such a policy or advocate for it.

„Serbia is committed to respecting internationally recognized borders and respecting international public law.“

„Does that mean that you – as an Albanian – have the right to be irresponsible, that you have the right to it if you belong to other nations, and that Serbs have no right – not to irresponsibility, but the same standards? We just want to know that, for someone to tell us that clearly and unambiguously,“ Vucic concluded.

The President of Serbia is traveling to Russia today, where he will meet with the Russian President tomorrow. According to Vucic, this meeting – the 19th meeting between the two presidents – is “very important for Serbia.”

He announced talks on all key issues from the region, expressing hope that Putin will share his view of the situation in the region and the world.



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