Visoki Decani monastery Abbot on the delimitation between Serbs and Albanians: Masks Have Finally Fallen

Iguman Visokih Dečana arhimandrit Sava Janjić
Abbot of Visoki Decani Sava Janjic

Strong accusations of Srpska Lista and the work of the highest state representatives from Belgrade against the Abbot of Visoki Decani Sava Janjic have been prevalent in the last few days. Janjic warned the public last week about the risk of a so-called staged incident and a scenario of where the partition of Kosovo takes place, which, he said, would lead to the exodus of Kosovo Serbs and the destruction of Christian-Serbian spiritual, cultural, and historical treasures.

He recalled a similar situation in which the Eparchy of Raska-Prizren and he personally found themselves during the 1990s, during Milosevic’s regime – when they strongly warned of the danger of war, the suffering and the exodus of both Serbian and Albanian people.

„However, since this is a partition of territory on ethnic principles, the long-term consequences for Europe would be very dangerous, but, thank God, a lot of smart people, both international and domestic, talked about it on time. They did not listen to them. I estimate that this agreement, if they succeed in implementing it, will cause such instability that the future of this area in Europe will be on the waiting list for a long time, but we will see.“

Abbot Sava commented on the Serbian President’s statement from Thursday, in which he confirmed that he is in favor of a „delimitation“ between Serbs and Albanians.

„The delimitation already agreed between Pristina and Belgrade, in rough outlines, is essentially a colossal defeat for Serbia because its de jure territory would be partitioned (or to put it nicely, delimitated) according to the ethnic principle – north of Kosovo for the Presevo Valley. More precisely, Serbia would retain the north of Kosovo (or one of its parts), which it already controls, and it would surrender the rest of Kosovo and Metohija (with the majority of our people and our sanctities) and, by all accounts, part of the Presevo area“, said the Abbot Sava Janjic.

Masks have finally fallen (although a bit earlier than they planned because we went out to the public and at least prevented the planned violent scenario). This plan for the ethnic partition of the territory, which they lovingly call „demarcation“ seems to have pragmatic support from key international factors, provided the crisis does not spread into the territory of BiH and Macedonia. I don’t want to talk about the details. Some other people will write more about it.

He predicted that, in order to implement this agreement, „a lot of difficult tasks“ remain:

The change of the Constitution of Serbia and Kosovo; the silencing of the opposition in Kosovo (the Thaci-Haradinaj conflict is underway); in Serbia, all those who oppose will be declared as „traitors and mercenaries“, accompanied by the „most pessimistic tabloid defamation and threats to individuals“; to marginalize the role of the Church as it does not provide them „support for treason“; finally, during September or early October, a comprehensive agreement will be signed with some simulated guarantees for Serbs south of the Ibar and a few remaining monasteries.

He reiterated that the issue of resolving the Kosovo problem is not a political one for the Church, but that it is a question of the destiny and survival of people in Kosovo. He also emphasized that representatives of Belgrade never talked about the church in Brussels, and that the international representatives were the ones who exclusively insisted on this.

What Srpska Lista wrote against Abbot Sava Janjic, read in – Srpska Lista on Abbot Sava Janjic, Oliver Ivanovic’s associate Ksenija Bozovic and Momcilo Trajkovic.



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