U.S. Embassy on Tug-of-War in Leposavić: The Only Battle Where Everyone Wins


The competition between American KFOR soldiers and the residents of Leposavić in a tug-of-war event, all while a new crisis unfolds in Northern Kosovo, became yesterday’s headline in the region and was one of the most read articles on our portal.

In front of the municipal building in this town, where citizens have been protesting for nearly two weeks, a traditional event called the Workers’ Sports Games is taking place.

In the midst of barbed wire, behind which KFOR guards the municipality building after Kosovo special units forcibly entered the municipal buildings on May 26, local Serbs play football, volleyball, and held chess and darts competitions in Leposavić.


Yesterday, they were joined by U.S. KFOR troops, who competed in a tug-of-war event with local residents.

This news, which spread throughout the region, also received a reaction from the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.


Following the clash between citizens and members of the KFOR mission in Zvečan last Monday, and the subsequent calming of tensions, the embassy released a video clip of the tug-of-war and stated:

„The only battle between KFOR and Serbs where everyone wins. Well done, guys!“

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