Serb from the North Imprisoned in Belgrade, Accused of Encouraging Serbs to Leave Kosovo

Zubin Potok

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade filed a motion yesterday with the High Court, proposing charges against D.T. (31) based on reasonable suspicion that he „called on citizens from Zubin Potok to leave the territory of Kosovo if they do not wish to be part of Kosovo institutions.“

The accused is charged with the criminal offense of „incitement to violent change of the constitutional order.“

According to a statement from the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, the prosecution has proposed to the court that the defendant be found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.

They have also suggested that the defendant be remanded in custody to prevent the possibility of repeating the criminal offense within a short period.

„It is suspected that on March 18, 2023, in Zubin Potok, in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, the accused called for a violent change of the constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia. Accompanied by several unidentified individuals, he distributed leaflets to Serbian citizens in Zubin Potok containing the following content: ‘If you do not wish to be part of Kosovo institutions, leave Kosovo. March to Serbia!’ and ‘Change license plates, take personal documents, participate in elections, or return to Serbia’,“ stated the Prosecutor’s Office.

Furthermore, it is alleged that during this incident, the accused stated that „those who recognize the Republic of Kosovo can remain on that territory, while those who do not recognize it can go to Serbia.“

Previously, according to earlier information, D.T. from Zubin Potok was the only one among the four arrested Serbs in April who remained in custody.

The other three individuals who were also charged by the Serbian authorities with „association against the constitutional order of Serbia“ were released from custody in late May due to the inability to secure witnesses in their cases.

The Prosecutor’s Office had claimed that all of them, along with two Albanians, constituted an alleged criminal group responsible for „overthrowing the constitutional order of Serbia“ and personally lobbying for people to „turn to Pristina.“

Legal representatives of the two arrested individuals believe that this is actually a „staged performance and politically orchestrated proceedings.“

„An exemplary case of politically orchestrated proceedings and psychological torment inflicted on individuals who are not affiliated with the Serbian List,“ said Ivan Ninic, lawyer and legal representative of the arrested and subsequently released D.N. from Leposavic, last month.

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