TV Most: Trajkovic is only consistent with insulting, name-calling and labeling, we seek protection by journalism associations

TV Most accused Kosovo Serb politician, Rada Trajkovic of „directly putting pressure“ on its media outlet and its editorial policy by “continuously labeling and targeting journalists of TV Most”. This accusation arrives as a reaction to Trajkovic’s statements during the Alliance for Serbia conference last week and talk show on N1 TV. TV Most claimed that Trajkovic insulted a TV Most journalist and for making allegedly false statements by claiming that the director of TV Most, Sladjana Ivancevic, is a family relative to the Head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric. Trajkovic previously stated that the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic has been extended to the instigators of the media campaign led against Ivanovic in which TV Most, along with TV Pink, participated.

We publish the statement of TV Most in its entirety.

Rada Trajkovic is directly putting pressure on our media outlet and the editorial policy of the media in Kosovo and Metohija by continuously labeling and targeting journalists of TV Most. Ms. Trajkovic insulted our journalist at yesterday’s press conference of the Alliance for Serbia without answering any questions, all the while lying – even later when she appeared as a guest on TV N1 when she claimed that the director of our media outlet is related to the Head of the Kosovo Office. Rada Trajkovic is obviously not well informed but that does not prevent her from using lies, insults, labeling and drawing a target to conceal the truth of her past, about which, as she herself said yesterday, she „would not like to talk about.“

It is Rada Trajkovic – right from the Savski Venac, where she has been living comfortably for decades now, and from where she scrutinizes the troubles of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija at a distance, presenting herself as their leader without any legitimacy, support and backing from the people – who is accusing our media outlet of labeling and drawing a target, which is what she herself is actually doing.

Everyone has the right, including the self-proclaimed leader of Serbs from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic, to dislike the media editorial policy but no one has the right to insult, label and draw a target – especially not from Belgrade – on those who did not leave KiM for the capital, who are still living in Kosovo and struggling for survival.

But perhaps that is the case because we, as a media outlet, did not sufficiently tackle investigative journalism. We should have asked Ms. Trajkovic whether she bought the apartment on the Savski Venac with state money intended for socially endangered Serbs in KiM, where did she find the funds to educate one of her children in London, whether she got her other child hired to work in a Medical Center or receiving regular income from a trade union in the amount of 300,000 dinars are conflicts of interest…

Perhaps that is the case because we did not investigate why when asked by journalist Budimir Nicic about the „yellow house“ she laughed and made fun of Serbs with Bernard Kouchner…

Perhaps that is the case because we did not investigate and ask if it is true that this very same Rada Trajkovic, who is now hiding behind the murdered Oliver Ivanovic and using his murder for political purposes, previously had something different to say about Oliver, and whether it is true that on February 13th, 2003, she fiercely – in front of witnesses – attacked him in front of the Pristina Assembly, accusing him of being „a criminal, of selling out to the Albanians and of been blackmailed because there was blood on his hands and that he betrayed his people in Kosovo“… We asked this yesterday, but instead of answers, we received insults, name-calling, labeling… At least she has been consistent with this for 16 years.

We are surprised that colleagues from other media outlets and professional organizations are silent about such pressures in the media from KiM which works in a slightly different situation from their colleagues in the rest of Serbia. We expect journalism associations to indiscriminately protect all media and media outlets from pressure, attacks and the lies of Rada Trajkovic and other political leaders, even if they are self-proclaimed.

Trajkovic: Investigation into Ivanovic’s murder extended to the instigators of a media campaign in which TV Most also participated

During her guest appearance on TV N1 last week, Trajkovic spoke about the upcoming elections in the four Serb-majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo and the newly formed Alliance for Kosovo and Metohija’s position that people should not participate in these elections.

„Those mayoral elections took two lives, a mayoral candidate Janicijevic, while Mr. Oliver Ivanovic was killed after,“ Trajkovic said.

Trajkovic claimed that the „north of Kosovo is very unstable“ as the perpetrators have not been found yet and asked, „who can guarantee the safety of all those who are not part of Srpska Lista?“

She also shared her belief that „a tremendous pressure will be placed on Serbs from Kosovo“ during the pre-election campaign because, as Trajkovic believes, Vucic’s tactics are to show that there is always unwavering support and his goal is to have 90 or 100% of support in Kosovo.

According to Trajkovic, „people who, God forbid, decided to run, would be satanized” by Srpska Lista.

Trajkovic spoke about TV Most in the context of the investigation into the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, which, based on anooo interview by prosecutor Syle Hoxha for NIN, has extended to the instigators of the media campaign led against Ivanovic in the pre-election period of 2017.

„Syle Hoxha speaks about the investigation that is being conducted and against the propaganda that marked Oliver as a target, primarily by TV Most, since it is under the authority of Kosovo, and not TV Pink. TV Most’s director, who is from Belgrade is a cousin of the Head of Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric,“ she said.

In addition to TV Most, Srpska Lista also reacted to Trajkovic’s statements, accusing her of „continuing to disrespect and label members of Srpska Lista.“



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