Trajkovic: „The partition idea deeply embedded into Aleksandar Vucic’s brainstem“

„There are those who say they finally want their own state and are ready to pay the price, however high it is. I ask the citizens of Serbia: how high a price are we willing to pay? How much have we paid in the past because of the wrong policy? It is time to start thinking about the people, of course, while guarding our interests and getting as much as possible,“ one of the long-time leaders from Kosovo, Momcilo Trajkovic recalled the words of the President of Serbia in a new open letter to Vucic. Trajkovic also asked what he believes is „the real“ question: „The real question, Mr. President is not how much we, as the people, are ready to pay for KiM but how much are you willing to pay to stay in power?”

The letter is a reminder that one year has passed since Trajkovic’s conversation with Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

According to the information released to the public by Momcilo Trajkovic and the SNF (The Serbian National Forum), several policy points regarding Kosovo were agreed with the Serbian president at that time, and the conversation was built around the idea how to „turn“ party politics into national and state politics regarding Kosovo.

„The president often complains and whines before us that he sees no solution. Mr. President, we have put forward solutions a year ago and made concrete proposals for actions and measures towards reaching this solution. And you yourself said that everything we proposed to you is in the interests of our people and state and that you are very satisfied with what you received from us. But the very idea that we had the strength and courage to, at the roundtable in Laplje Selo, criticize the policy that you and your demi-monde are conducting in KiM was enough for you to give up on all of these ideas. There is no prosperity for the people in KiM (except those who are faithfully sitting beneath your backside and hiding their nonsense behind you), there is no fund for KiM, there is no transparent spending of money in KiM, there is no decriminalization of society,“ Trajkovic wrote in an open letter.

The same time last year, Trajkovic and Vucic were supposed to meet during Vucic’s visit to Kosovo, but the meeting did not happen because, as the Presidency announced, there was an oversight in the organization. The two of them, however, met after Trajkovic sent an open letter to Vucic.

„Although he has repeatedly pointed out that the people in the internal dialogue have responded negatively to the idea of the partition of KiM, it is obvious that this idea is deeply embedded into Aleksandar Vucic’s brainstem and that he will not give up on it so easily. It seems that he cares about power more or perhaps the realization of such an idea is the only way to stay in power. Because how else can his further insistence on the idea of partition be explained?“ Trajkovic wrote.

Trajkovic sent an open letter to Vucic on July 30th of last year, reminding him of the meeting in Belgrade. “You did not fulfill any of your promises” – he wrote at that time and listed nine points describing what they discussed in Belgrade.

In September, following the Serbian President’s visit to Kosovo, he called out on Aleksandar Vucic that if something bad were to happen to him because of „the hunt“ and threats to his security, the President of Serbia will be held responsible. Vucic’s policy towards Kosovo was then assessed by Trajkovic as „a shipwreck“.



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