Rada Trajkovic: „Radoicic could become a protected witness if he surrenders“

FOTO: Milan Radoičić/Srpskakafe
FOTO: Milan Radoičić/Srpskakafe

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Reacting to the news that Milan Radoicic had hired the lawyer Zivojin Jokanovic, Rada Trajkovic believes that, if he decides to surrender, Radoicic could become a protected witness in the process of solving the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The president of the “European Movement in Kosovo”, Rada Trajkovic told RTV Kim that there are indications that Radoicic will surrender and that this is suggested by Marko Djuric’s sudden arrival in the north of Kosovo and the „anxiety of Srpska Lista.“

„He (Radoicic) is in a difficult situation. He has different possibilities but also dangers, and I do not think he is dumb at all, on the contrary. He, if he surrenders, could even become a protected witness and he may explain the matter. The legal process is the only legitimate thing that should start and that should function to provide justice for Oliver.“

Rada Trajkovic expects that Srpska Lista will „seize Radoicic’s right to represents himself as their vice-president.“

„It’s compromising for Serbia, it’s compromising for the Serbs from Kosovo, and it’s compromising for the entire process and imposing a heavy burden on all of us, who are neither guilty nor indebted,“ she said.

Trajkovic believes that this judicial process regarding the solving of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic could significantly affect the Brussels agreement.

„If it comes to it and I believe it will, this process will help us to get out of this difficult time in a purer way and that Oliver really rests in peace, if the perpetrators and instigators are found.“

Trajkovic, however, does not think that Radoicic’s access to judicial bodies in Kosovo depends on the political destiny of Ramush Haradinaj.

„I do not think that because they are close and somehow they have found a common language and somehow they believed each other,“ stated Trajkovic.

At the same time, she does not expect the fall of the government of Ramush Haradinaj but believes that Srpska Lista will return (to the Kosovo government) and support the budget proposal.



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