Three Penalized for ‘Arrogant Behavior’ Outside Main Branch of Postal Savings Bank on Monday


The Kosovo Police confirmed for KoSSev that three men have been penalized for “arrogant behavior” related to events outside the Postal Savings Bank in North Mitrovica this Monday.

The Kosovo Police closed all postal savings banks in the North on Monday, five in total, along with the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, seizing over two million euros in various currencies, along with documentation. They also expelled employees.

The actions were carried out simultaneously, alongside the Kosovo Tax Administration, with a warrant from the prosecutor’s office.

Members of EULEX were also present at several locations where the action was carried out. Additionally, at least two KFOR vehicles were spotted, used by the so-called „LM“ team used for gathering information on the ground.

The police stated that the actions were carried out peacefully and without incidents.

However, when a lock was being placed on the door of the last bank that day, the main Postal Savings Bank located in the northern part of Mitrovica, the situation escalated at one point and was on the verge of an incident.

It began when the bank’s director, Igor Radić, was escorted out of the bank and into a police vehicle and residents who had gathered expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation.

The process of taking him away was marked by a protest of around 20 individuals, mostly employees of the Postal Savings Bank, as well as officials from the Serbian Democracy party, who gathered in front of the entrance.

They attempted to prevent members of the Kosovo Police from taking away their director, while some of them also demanded guarantees that he would not be arrested.

Initially, members of the regular units of the Kosovo Police, with whom Radić had exited, addressed the citizens in a more moderate tone to clear the space so that the police vehicle, in which Radić had entered, could pass.

However, scuffles broke out when the police tried to clear the space, along with shouts from citizens such as „Don’t push me,“ „You don’t have the right,“ „Police repression.“ Apart from members of regular units, police officers with long rifles were also present as reinforcements.

Subsequently, Aleksandar Arsenijević, leader of Serbian Democracy, addressed the gathered workers, telling them that he had received assurances that there would be no arrests.

The situation soon calmed down, and the police vehicles left the location, and later that same day, the Deputy Commander of KP for the North, Veton Elshani, when asked about this situation, said that there was no incident there, but that they were „just talking.“

„Someone thought this person should not be taken away because he would be arrested, but no one can stop the police, official authorities, from doing their job. We understand that. It was not an incident, they were just talking to people, nothing else. That’s part of the job,“ Elshani said on Monday.

However, three men who were present outside the bank at the time of this scuffle – as confirmed by the police to KoSSev – were penalized for „arrogant behavior.“

„It’s an offense, according to the Law on Public Order and Peace in Article 4. Three of them were fined by the police, and they went home. They will go with it to the judge, and he will decide on the penalty afterward – whether it will be a fine, what the amount will be, etc.,“ Elshani also clarified for KoSSev.

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