The US Embassy in Pristina once again urged Kosovo to immediately lift tariffs

američka ambasada, SAD

The US Embassy in Pristina once again urged the Kosovo government to immediately lift the tariffs on goods from Serbia and BiH.

“It’s time for Kosovo and neighbors to end barriers to free flow of goods.We again urge the Government of Kosovo to take the bold first step and lift the tariffs now,” the US embassy wrote in a statement today.

“In times like these, regional and international cooperation is vital,” the statement also read.

The US embassy also released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the coronavirus “knows no borders” and that “now is not the time to let domestic and regional political differences keep us from helping one another in this collective time of need.”

“We urge all leaders locally and in the region to set aside political differences and focus on the needs of their citizens. Working together and supporting one another is the answer to this challenge,” the statement read.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic also spoke about the importance of regional co-operation on Wednesday, saying that Serbia had „food in abundance“ and that it would also export flour to the region to “help the neighbors.”

The former Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj introduced the taxes on goods from Serbia and BiH back in November 2018.

The US has repeatedly urged the new Prime Minister, Albin Kurti to unconditionally and immediately lift the tariffs. Kurti, on the other hand, refuses to comply with this request, insisting on a gradual and conditional abolition of taxes.



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