Kosovo Police suspects the North Mitrovica municipality of ordering the demolition of the embankment on the Ibar

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Kosovo police announced it received a report around noon yesterday that an excavator near the Ibar River, suspected of being contracted by the North Mitrovica municipality, began demolishing the improvised footbridge on the Ibar River.

„Several citizens/employees of the company that won the tender for the repairs on the river in the north and south gathered to show their displeasure over the demolition of the bridge,“ reads the daily Kosovo police report.

Kosovo police said that representatives of both municipalities (north and south) came to the scene yesterday, after which an agreement was reached to suspend the construction.

The report added that approximately six men from the gathered crowd of protesters tried to prevent the excavator from leaving the site and that they retreated at the instruction of the police.

The Deputy Commander of the Kosovo Police of the north region, Besim Hoti confirmed for KoSSev yesterday that an incident occurred in the middle of the Ibar River between the two groups of residents of North and South Mitrovica.

The situation was quickly stabilized as soon as the police arrived with reinforcements, after which the residents pulled back. Two excavators, one from the north and one from the south side of the city, located in the vicinity of the site of the incident, also retreated after police intervened.

„The police quickly intervened, both from the north and from the south, we are on the field. The situation is calm. No one was injured. It was a minor incident, a brawl, without any heavy physical contact between citizens,” Deputy Commander of the Kosovo Police in the region north, Besim Hoti told KoSSev.

At the time, Hoti could not fully confirm the cause of the conflict. He, however, revealed that an argument broke out between the two groups of people from the north and the south regarding the construction of the footbridge.

On the other hand, the Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic described yesterday’s events as „an attack by a group of hooligans from South Mitrovica” against police officers from the north.

“A group of hooligans from South Mitrovica, with the help of construction machines, attacked Serbian police officers from the North Mitrovica police station, who provided assistance to municipal authorities in accordance with the law, and in connection with the decision of the municipal inspection to remove the illegal makeshift object that is obstructing the Ibar River,“ Rakic underlined.

According to him, this also prevented the intent of the Mayor of South Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri „to occupy North Mitrovica“ from coming true.

Rakic claimed that the construction of the „embankment is being carried out illegally and without any permits issued by the municipality of South Mitrovica“.

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