The right-wing rally ends, they claim they wanted to tell KFOR to leave Jarinje

FOTO: Radulo Radulović

The Serbs who came to Jarinje today from the direction of Raska reportedly wanted to meet and deliver a message to KFOR soldiers – namely, that KFOR has no business in Jarinje, and also that they do not recognize the border established by the Kosovo authorities. They failed in this endeavor, however, after the Serbian police prevented them from doing so.

The protest of approximately 200 right-wing Serbs who gathered near Jarinje from the direction of Raska just ended. It lasted for about three hours. According to some media reports, and also based on the live broadcast of Srbin info, one Raska resident was allegedly detained. Although his release is expected, it has yet to be confirmed.

A minor incident occurred when a group of people managed to break through the police cordon, which was barring them from reaching the crossing. A special riot police unit was immediately deployed and the situation was soon stabilized.

Before the rally, the leader of “Narodne Patrole”, Damjan Knezevic, spoke to the regular police units, saying that they do not want to cause incidents, nor make use of „flares nor firecrackers.“ Knezevic also underlined that the police could stand in front of “patriots and veterans” to deliver a message to KFOR soldiers.

Their endeavor proved unsuccessful, even after Knezevic suggested the message to be delivered by a four-member team comprised of „two journalists, and one man each from Serbia and Montenegro.“

His demands received the support of the leader of the „Love, Faith, Hope“ movement Nemanja Sarovic, who stressed that they should not hinder freedom of movement.

„You would be facing them, and we would be next to you,“ Sarovic told the Serbian policemen.

„Serbs from the north are under great pressure. Barricades were erected between Serbian towns and they were unable to come to Jarinje, and there were also threats,“ Knezevic said at the rally.

Despite announcements that the commissioner of the „Movement for the Defense of KiM“, Nebojsa Jovic, would be waiting for them on the other side of Jarinje, the leader was nowhere to be seen.

On the other side of Jarinje, KFOR troops have deployed and put up a barbed wire.

Damjanovic told the Serbs on that side of the crossing to be brave.

„They are brave, but how can you go against your own people? We cannot run this game, but it should be run by a country that has such a rotten system that everyone influences it. Well, now we need to influence it.“

„We wanted to meet with KFOR soldiers and give them a message to leave and that they have no business here and that we do not recognize the border. This is our country.“

Damjanovic claims that „no one who did not come with honor and dignity has any business in Jarinje.“

„Alcohol was the source of much evil,“ he added.

„It’s a good thing that we are here. Our brothers who guard roadblocks were also here. The state saw that there are people who do not fight with barricades. We ask the state to do its job without listening to politicians from the high-up. We are transferring the pressure to Belgrade, and if Serbian blood is spilled, we are in Kosovo, what else can I say,“ said Damjanovic.

As Srbin Info, who live-streamed the rally, reported on Friday, the gathering was announced in three places – Montenegro, Republika Srpska, and Serbia proper.

The rally was scheduled for 1 p.m. The rally participants – which also included the leader of Ljubav, Vera, Nada, Nemanja Sarovic – gathered a few hundred meters from the crossing, from the direction of Raska.

They arrived with a banner reading: „Hold on to God and Russia.“

The gathering passed mostly peacefully. As part of the performance, the participants set a banner with the inscription “the Brussels Agreement” on fire. They also displayed a poster reading: „Little Schengen, Greater Albania“.

A vehicle with a loudspeaker was parked near the crossing, playing patriotic songs during the rally.

„To get at least one ball rolling,“ one of the participants told From Montenegro, he announced that when the processions started in Montenegro – „there were no more than 100 people“.

The gathering was initiated by several organizations and movements – „Mihaljski Zbor“ from Montenegro, “Narodna Patrola” and “Nema predaje Kosova i Metohije” from Serbia, and several other groups of citizens.

Nine days have passed since local Serbs set up barricades in the north, after which the Kosovo police closed Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings.

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