The President called, the first media hunters responded: KoSSev, Albanian propaganda

Foto: KoSSev, caption

The first verbal attack against KoSSev arrived today almost immediately after the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic made several statements on the „espionage media networks“ among the Kosovo Serb media and following several warnings by journalists, journalist and civil society associations and individuals about the dangers such statements pose.

A Facebook page titled „Beograd je NAŠ grad“ (Belgrade is OUR city) shared the logo of the portal KoSSev with the inscription that it is a portal that conducts „Albanian propaganda.“ This page, however, did not share to their followers a link to the KoSSev site.

The post is sponsored, therefore, it is visible to a greater number of Facebook users, by which, readers from the wider Mitrovica region alerted us to do post.

„All extreme Shiptars, die. May your seed be exterminated. Sooner or later, we will come down there,“ a Facebook user, Aleksandar Avramovic commented on this post.

“The Serbian yellow traitorous scum are worse than narko-shiptar”, wrote Dusan Karic.

We have noticed that a number of both negative and positive feedback posts have been deleted in the meantime.

This verbal attack on our portal arrived only a few days after the Serbian President called the Kosovo Serb media „the main information providers in central Serbia and beyond, who are directly paid from outside, with the sole purpose of destroying the unity of the Serb people in the north of Kosovo“ and the warnings of the President of the Kosovo branch of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, Budimir Nicic that Vucic drew a target on all Serbian journalists in Kosovo with his statements.

The Facebook page registered as a political party under the title „Beograd NAŠ grad“ (Belgrade OUR city) shared a picture of the KoSSev logo with the following inscription: „This portal is Albanian propaganda in the Serbian language.“

The editor of the KoSSev portal, Tatjana Lazarevic also warned that President Vucic’s statements opened a front for possible attacks, both by his supporters, as well as all those who are against him, and against the freedom of speech and democracy.

The National Convention on the European Union, the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, the Democratic Party, as well as the Serbian journalists from Kosovo, Budimir Nicic, Sanja Sovrlic, Tatjana Lazarevic and Darko Dimitrijevic reacted to the statements of President Vucic.

The international representatives in Kosovo – primarily of the OSCE and the EU – have not yet reacted. The German ambassador to Pristina, Christian Heldt tweeted this morning that „independent media are a pillar of every democratic system.“

“I have said it for Albanian-language media in Kosovo, I repeat it now: Independant media are a pillar of every democratic system and the rule of law. And a cornerstone of European values!” the Ambassador wrote.

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