Vucic: „The espionage media networks in Kosovo are the main providers of information in central Serbia and they are breaking the Serbian unity“

Vučić iz Pekinga
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“If they abolish the taxes, they will have dialogue,” the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic stated from China last night. The President talked about the media in Kosovo, primarily the media in the north, whom he, twice already during his stay in China, accused of being „espionage media networks“ which are becoming „the main providers of information in central Serbia and beyond.“

„You think that there will be dialogue without the abolition of the taxes?! There won’t be, take my word for it. I do not know what someone is thinking and how someone is thinking, I repeat for the thousandth time, you can lay my head on a chopping block, but this will not change,“ the Serbian President emphasized.

As proof that he will keep his promise, Vucic recalled his own words that he would not talk to „fascist leaders“ – which he did not do.

There are no talks until the taxes are abolished – he repeated.

„And what would we talk about?! About some kind of agreement?! They are not able to respect the agreement they signed 12-13 years ago,“ he said, recalling the signing of the CEFTA agreement. Vucic underlined that Serbia did not break the CEFTA agreement after „the most difficult hostile act towards Serbia – the separation of part of its territory“ – as he described the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo in 2008.

What kind of countermeasures will Serbia take, for which the President has provided deadlines on several occasions – including tonight?

„First of all, we have to take measures – due to the busy schedule – after May 10th – with Pristina and everything, since, how should I say this, this has no more meaning, any kind of meaning, so we will see. We will talk to our Western partners, we will talk to our friends from the East and we will see what we can do,“ he said.

“What should we talk about?! Tell me a topic?! About flowers? What should we talk about?! And that’s why I do not understand the whole point, I do not understand. It is great that you will say – return to dialogue, but what should we talk about?! Since we are returning to dialogue, it is a primary condition that we have a free flow of goods and capital, and people. Come on, get back to what you signed it in 2006. As soon as you agree to it, we will come to talk to you. What else should we talk about?! To start the talks, I do not know what kind, but that this does not change. Folks, it’s impossible,“ Vucic explained Serbia’s efforts to abolish the taxes.

The President, however, claimed that he stays silent to all that.

„Then he says, if Serbia does not immediately accept and recognize Kosovo, we will take down Vucic in the street. Did Haradinaj say that?! He’s going down in the street, did he say that?! I stay silent to all that. Okay, take me down in the street, but, folks, it will not happen, it will not,“ he stressed.

He added that he noticed today, while talking to the Russians and everyone else, that „nobody understands what people (Pristina) are doing.“

The President wondered why even he does not understand it, admitting that sometimes he puts himself in their (Kosovo Albanian) shoes to try to understand their point of view.
„Well, they need Serbia, they need Belgrade much more than we need them. They will never be able to be anything without Belgrade. Instead of them thinking about this in such a way, we have to be the ones to see how we can appease them,“ Vucic described the Belgrade-Pristina relations.

He said that he is working in difficult conditions, Vucic did not want to respond to Haradinaj’s threats:

„It is better if I don’t respond. It is important for us to be polite and to lead this dialogue in a civilized way.“

The President, however, is particularly troubled over a problem which Serbia has, as he explained, which is that “our people in Kosovo are being used to blackmail us.”

„They are trying to bribe some of our people, they are organizing media espionage networks, especially in the north of Kosovo, they are paying millions of dollars and these (media) are becoming your main information providers in Central Serbia and in many other places. They are directly paid from the outside – with the sole purpose of destroying the unity of the Serb people in the north of Kosovo and in other parts of Kosovo as well. Since this is not working, then they continue putting pressure on Serbia. And now you ask me if I was satisfied with the talks with President Xi Jinping and if I am satisfied with the talks with President Putin? Well, I am. They understand this problem, they notice it, they are not blind, they are normal people. I do not know what else to tell you. That’s what worries me, but what do you know now, it’s not my first time to be alone somewhere and to be lonely, if you will. I think that everything I told is the truth, that it is justice, that it is true, and if somebody wanted a compromise, then that someone was me, I’m sorry, but humiliating and trampling over Serbia – that’s something I will never allow to anyone,“ Vucic talked to media accompanying him during his stay in China.

This is the second time during his visit to China that the Serbian President accused the Serbian media from Kosovo of acting against Serbia.

“A huge amount of money was invested to destroy the reputation of Srpska Lista, to destroy it and to separate it from Belgrade, and foreigners created an enormous number of media outlets in the north of Kosovo just to destroy Srpska Lista,” the Serbian President stated upon his arrival to China.

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