The police replaced the door and surveillance camera in Zvecan municipal building

Zvečan specijalci 27. 5

Two days after the special units of the Kosovo Police entered the premises of the municipality of Zvecan, they replaced the door, as well as the surveillance camera.

The Kosovo authorities, primarily the security forces, are still stationed in the buildings of the Provisional Authorities in three northern municipalities. Different types of police vehicles can be seen at the site – armored, regular, civilian jeeps, as well as units – from policemen in regular uniforms to special forces with helmets, bulletproof vests, and firearms, wearing both blue and gray uniforms.

Yesterday, forensic units were spotted in the municipality of Zvecan. According to the testimony of some readers, they were also spotted in other municipal buildings in the north.

The police removed the flag of the Republic of Serbia from the entrance to the building on Friday and replaced it with the flag of Kosovo. They also replaced the surveillance cameras and the entrance door.

The policemen brought packages into the municipal building this morning. They refused to give statements to the media, but they were heard saying the word „bread“ in Albanian.

As Sunday morning dawned to quiet in Zvecan. It has been raining for days. In the center of Zvecan, we can see locals shopping, preparing for weekly family celebrations, or taking a walk.

A young father posed for a photograph with his son, encouraging the child to greet the press team.


Although they refused to speak publicly so far, the action and presence of special units is met with general disapproval of the locals, although contrary claims were made in Pristina, including in the media reporting in Albanian.

At the same time, local Serbs are also strongly criticizing the absence of visible engagement by local representatives on the issue, something that is viewed as being harmful.

There is still no indication of when the police units will withdraw from the municipal premises, or whether and who will be allowed to enter them tomorrow. However, the Kosovo authorities announce that the new mayors and teams will work on these premises, which Kurti described as „properties of the Republic of Kosovo“.

Apart from reacting to Friday’s incidents with two statements, the Kosovo Police have not provided any details about what is happening inside the facilities themselves.

Neither have the representatives of Serbia, including Srpska Lista.

The local SL leadership, which attended Vucic’s rally in Belgrade, along with a significant number of citizens, on the day the KP carried out its action, did not present their strategy at the unscheduled press conference upon their return. They only asked the President of Serbia to halt all dialogue with Pristina.

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